People Ain’t Isht: New York City Day Care Worker Steals Earrings From 18-Month-Old Baby

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Times are hard, real hard. But so hard, you steal from a baby? Things can’t be that tight, or can they?

Day Care Worker Steals Earrings From 18-Month-Old Baby

Via Black Blue Dog reports:

One New York woman must think so. She committed an act worthy of solidifying the saying many times over.

The woman’s name is Desire Santiago and she was arrested by authorities in New York for allegedly stealing earrings from a baby she was supposed to be looking after. Santiago, 21, was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property on Wednesday, according to police.

And before you say, “Stealing earrings from a baby at daycare? No way,” know that Santiago was caught red-handed on surveillance video. According to investigators, she can be seen in the Bronx day care on last Thursday, taking the earrings from an 18-month-old girl.

Can you say “no shame?”

Of course when the baby was returned back into the care of her mother, the missing earrings were more than obvious. The mother was sure she had put two hoop earrings in her baby’s ear before leaving the child at the day care, as reported by CBS 2.

Thankfully the baby did not put up a fight, and was not injured by the alleged thief. However; there is no telling as to what damage was done to the child or mother psychologically. Talk about emotional distress.

There is no word as to whether Santiago has been let go from the day care, but if being caught on tape allegedly stealing from a baby is not enough to give her the boot, what is?

You can’t be serious!!!

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