DMX: “The Pigs Are Trying to Destroy My Credibility!”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Earl is still fighting them demons y’all. He is saying that his “celebrity” is the reason they are picking on him and making false accusations:

Embattled rapper DMX has blasted allegations he attacked a prison officer while behind bars in Arizona, insisting the rumours are an attempt to “destroy (his) credibility”.The hip-hop star, real name Earl Simmons, is serving time at Tent City Jail for drug possession, animal cruelty and theft. Reports surfaced on Wednesday (25Feb09) claiming DMX had also been causing trouble while incarcerated – by assaulting a guard with a loaded food tray. But the rapper has slammed the allegations, and is adamant he is seeing out his sentence “peacefully” – without any special treatment. In a statement, he says, “Many of you know me as DMX but right now I am speaking to you as Earl Simmons. Just a man trying to serve my time peacefully in order to put all this behind me so I can carry on with my normal life. “The truth of the matter is, in the eyes of many I am not just a normal man but rather a celebrity, which can be a blessing and a curse. Since I have begun to serve out my sentence, I have not been given any special treatment but it has actually been the opposite. “For the record, I want to state ‘I Did Not’ physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility.” DMX is expected to serve a total of 90 days in jail, plus an additional 18 months of supervised probation for his various convictions.

We are sorry to inform you X, but you have no credibility at all, man. It was ousted when you posed as a FBI agent AND when you made the video below from the bing spitting clucker talk. SMH


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  • Man, I just don't care

    ha ha haha

  • Roe ski Love -Where,s my Government Cheese?

    That’s right you tell em Earl!

  • FridayPhillyGrownWoman

    i believe you X… peoples tell me about those racist, nasty correctional offices up state.

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)


    Translation: Earl, there is no credibility when you’re sitting behind bars.

  • jb_1030

    I got you DMX. You can still get this anytime.
    Hit me up boo.

    top 10.

  • Octavia

    C’mon Uncle Earl…. 😦

  • bronzedasian

    why does it look like he has morning breath?

  • BE

    I believe him too, many people are going to judge him by his music. Hopefully he is getting the help he needs while he is in jail.

    The awful part is once you are considered an addict you have no credibility so when you tell the truth no one believes you.

    Our penal system sucks…this the reason people don’t get rehabilitated.

  • Inner Beauty Movement

    That man is sick like so many other people in prison. There is no way a person in good mental health with the opportunities that he has had would end up in such a state of being. I interned at a prison and I know guilty and innocent people are in there. There are also a lot of sick people in prison including the staff. I wish I knew his contact info I would write him because that racist Joe might try to have him killed by a skin head and call it a suicide. Earl has been sick a long time not many people were paying attention some were to busy stealing from him. He’s no angel NOBODY is. He’s crying out to death ears.

  • whateva!!!


    Correctional officers are just like the police. They lie, too.

    Yeah just look at Rick Ross.
    They need to leave him alone. If Charles Barkley wasn’t on furlough, we could get the truth from him. Most people would consider him credible, right?

  • jamdown

    I believe you X … Don’t let them bring you down any further… You have a life to come back too they don’t so they’re going to make your stay as miserable as possible.
    Keep your head strong X and don’t let them break you!
    Also stay of that shit as you know that was the devils ploy into getting you into this mess in the first place!
    peace be with you X!

  • Moreaces

    I hope he can get his life together, I believe the man has a lot of demons, that he does not know how to deal with, God be with him.


    The devil wasn’t the police it was the drugs. And everyone finds GOD in prison. He sounds like he’s very intelligent but after hearing about that incident at the airport lets everyone know he’s dumb as f*ck.

    Adult toys, lover games, edible lotions and underwear, vibrating thongs and DVDs check out…

  • Yvonne

    I have always said DMX needs mental health. I hope he will have a chance to get that in prison.

  • Ro Ro

    Womp Womp Wommmmmpppp!!

    If he was living right in the first place and not sniffing/smoking that blow his ass would not be in the predicament he is describing now.

    I have no remourse for this nucka. Yes he USE TO BE a celebrity but he is like any other junky out there now. You lose that status and that respect when you do DUMB SHIT like he did. He needs to serve more time then what he got and he needs to STAY OFF THE DAMN DRUGS.



  • always knew

    Crackheads don’t have credibility…DUH!….

  • WABBIT in the HOLE

    neither do you miserable bitches. who dat who dat?

  • Queen NZinga

    Something about this is unsettling to me. I’m glad I was able to see the video of DMX’s interview.

    He is very introspective about his situation. And, the vibe I get from him is that he is not lying. He know he is surrounded by negative energy. And, to see that inner strength within him seek to maintain a stronghold of sanity in situation that is being conveyed to us through visual and print media as something else.

    This makes me think of Tupac. He was a genius – an incredible analytical thinker. He started facing various challenges and adversities – until it resulted in death. There was so much more to Tupac. But, look he was portrayed to us.

    Something is not right. There is something else at work here. It’s ethereal. Something happens to our young black men when they’re in the music and entertainment business. It devours them and spits them out.

    People are looking at the surface. I see beneath the surface as well as the big picture. Spiritual warfare is real.

    You hang in there, DMX.

  • Queen NZinga

    I negate to understand the logic behind putting individuals with drug problems behind bars with murderers, thieves and rapists. Drug addicts require rehabilitation through medical and mental health therapies.

    It’s backwards to criminalize the drug user.

    Some folks are just too stupid to see the deception.

  • Queen NZinga

    I guess I should have proofread my earlier posts. LOL Pardon me.

    Regardless of these young men lifestyles, there is an inner light in these men. The devil wants your soul. He wants to snuff out that light. When they sense you have something that they don’t possess, they will seek to destroy you.

    This “specialness” was in Christopher Wallace and Tupac. And, I see it in DMX. Don’t be too quick to judge him as a “bad” person. There is NOTHING evil about DMX. The media has a way of influencing perceptions about people as the gospel truth through deceptive images.

    A thinking person will never accept information at face value without applying logic and investigating the facts.

    I’m not on the lynch-mob team against DMX.

  • Eryca K

    Okay I believe they messin wit you Earl, but I do think you tried to beat that officier’s monkey ass. LOL


    Damn, even using common speech, he still sounds like he’s rapping. It’s just a shame that talent is being wasted in jail. He’s over-qualified for prison. Sounds like he knows somethin.’ Get your game back on, Earl. I’m rootin’ for ya, bruh.

  • tita13

    DMX I believe what u going through. Keep your head up God will see u through.

  • always knew

    @WABBIT in the HOLE

    neither do you miserable bitches. who dat who dat?


    Don’t talk about your mother that way!:)

    They always say crackheads can understand, each other, it must be true! Look at you…

    BTW: I’m not miserable, I am NOT locked up, which is more than I can say for him…He just got an additional sentence for hitting the Correctional Officer in the head, with his tray….

    It’s funny how DMX never needed help until he gets caught doing out-of-pocket- things…..AND TUPAC wasn’t a crackhead, the 2 don;t even compare. Tupac was the son of black panthers. DMX was no where near trying to reach the community, have and have-nots….2 different circumstances entirely…

    And DMX goes to jail like it’s a revolving door…He has been blessed with talent,riches and fame…he destroyed himself…That would mean that he is responsible for his own actions, most regular everyday people, don;t get nearly as many chances, as he has received and still keep f-cking up….So, I would conclude by simple common sense and reason, that you are the ignorant and miserable one…..

    BTW: Since you care about DMX so much, he is on a bread and water diet. Dressed in the Maricopa County pinks, courtesy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio…he has to go to the board, and he may get up to 8 years in prison, it was on the news out here a week ago….Why don’t you go join him?? 🙂

  • always knew

    @ Queen nZinga-“I’m not on the lynch-mob team against DMX.”


    Nobody is trying to kick him while he’s down but consider this:

    I was too, until I thought about his kids and his wife..He continues to have unprotected sex with fans, having more unwanted chilldren, with different women/ groupies….He makes Tashera and the kids look bad,although I dk if anyone could ever make Tashera look…. He needs to get himself together…He does need to keep in mind, he has kids who are of age and they have friends and can read, he’s in the news and not in a good way…

    That’s something to be proud of?? How many chances has this cat had? He just got off for the identity theft, in Scottsdale Az….Somebody come get Earl some help….

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