Out of the Doghouse (Kinda)

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Start dusting off your number 7 jerseys, y’all, Michael Vick will be exiting the big house and heading to his own crib very shortly:

Michael Vick has been approved for release to home confinement, possibly in May, a government official told the Associated Press.

The NFL quarterback is serving a 23-month federal prison sentence in Leavenworth, Kan., for his role in a dogfighting operation based at a home that he owned in Virginia.

The AP report has not been independently verified.

Vick’s attorneys had indicated in bankruptcy court proceedings that they expected Vick to be transferred to a halfway house in Virginia for the final portion of his prison term.

But according to the AP, there’s no bed space available so Vick instead could be released to his Virginia home as soon as May 21. Vick would be on electronic monitoring and would be permitted to leave home only for activities approved by his probation officer, the AP reported.

Vick had been scheduled to be released from prison in July.

He remains on indefinite suspension by the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell would have to rule on Vick’s eligibility to play before Vick could resume his NFL career.

Vick remains under contract to the Atlanta Falcons but the team has announced that it intends to try to trade him. Vick possibly could be released by the Falcons, leaving him free to sign with any interested team, if they’re unable to trade him.

Well, it’s about doggone time.  This man deserves an opportunity to resurrect himself just like everyone else who f*cks up in America.

More Vick pics below.


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  • Sickofitt!

    Am I first

  • jb_1030

    I want to have his puppies. THis Nicca is fine!!!

  • jb_1030

    OOOh I was typing pretty fast.

  • Sickofitt!

    I really don’t care much about this topic but I just wanted to say Hey! HI YALL! OH and Mike can get it.

  • jb_1030

    So Bossip since you say he needs a second chance, when are you going to stop hatin on Brezzy?

    Damn he is fine!!

  • jb_1030

    You are right Sickofitt,

    He can get it anytime he wants. Screw the baby mama.

  • Hannibal


  • MACK

    Hannibal is sexy as hell…lol

  • chillrob

    i GOT A brand new jersy…..sewn on name and number….it has not been worn…..ever….never….ever

  • Sickofitt!

    Mike got that LOOK.
    1. Like he can definitely wear yo azz out.
    2. Will have you walking funny all week.
    3. Go through 2 whole playlist on your mp3 before he bust.

    Im sorry yall, I’m being nasty right now. Anyway, Happy friday

  • Mr Tell the Truth

    man dude shoulda been out of jail. how u gone ruin a mans life and take away everything he has over some dayuum dog fighting, white folks dont even like pit bulls, matter of fact, they damn near banned in every city…..Big Ups to MV, hope you get back on your feet and make it rain on them hoes one more time…There I have spoken…and another mf thang, dont we see animals fighting on discovery channel all the time..shit that make u go hmmmmmmm????

  • Moreaces

    I hope he learned his leason, he has to much talent to be a damn fool

  • http://www.google.com Man, I just don't care

    Come to the 49ers dawg.

  • Pam

    Good for him..hope he learned his lesson. yall know white folks luv animals. His sentence shouldn’t been that damn long for that b.s anyway. it amazes me how people can get away with murder but they throw yo ass in jail over some damn dogs..he shouldnt have been doing it but that sentence was a lil too much

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    @ Sickofitt…

    Mike got that LOOK.
    1. Like he can definitely wear yo azz out.
    2. Will have you walking funny all week.
    3. Go through 2 whole playlist on your mp3 before he bust.

    LOL U ’bout to make me call my babydaddy cause he can fulfill all three…dayumm now you got my mind on him…damn u…lol Happy Friday!

  • jb_1030

    Have you in a wheel chair like old boy from from White Chicks.

  • jb_1030

    Atlanta is acting lihe they don’t want him. Trying to play up to PETA. Knowing deep down the want himback. I say go to wherever you are going to play. Do you Mike.

  • NO ID

    I love you chickens….all y’all saying he could get it…well, just so you know he has herpes and you could “get it” too…..and that’s not gossip or rumor. it was documented in the case someone filed against him for passing it on….naturally without telling her he had it….

    I admit at first I was in his corner…until I read the story about the dogs he and his boys tortured for fun….

    yes, he’s paid his dues…but you have to really think about what a man is about that would lie about an STD and then kill and torture innocent, defenseless animals for profit…

    i’m just sayin’

    we keep defending these black “men” and they keep shitting on everyone around them…

    the sad part is, the men that are MEN, that really do have character and ARE about something rarely get their props…while these fools make all the headlines…

  • O

    Sickofitt! is a hoe.

  • DEE


  • Canadian DIVA


  • i dont care

    still sexy than a mutha…

    funny how bossip is so forgiving to him but keeps talking shyt about chris brown

  • Canadian DIVA

    OH AND Hannibal…you need to visit us sista in Canada….you are sexy…

  • reese615

    @ DEE


    And you’re gonna get that ass Rihanna’d, cuz you’re obviously a girl talking about spitting in a grown man’s face behind some dogs. SMH

  • Animal Lover

    To hell with Michael Vick. They should keep his ass in jail the whole time over what he did to those poor dogs. He throws a football. So what?

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