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Here’s another preview of MMG’s newly launcing hip hop web portal, Hip-Hop Wired:

Lil” Mama seems poised to fill the vacant slot as the “Queen of Hip-Hop.” Blessing us with her infectious debut VYP: Voice Of The Young People last year and easing her way into America’s hearts as a judge on “MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew,” the 19-year-old rhyme slayer now has her sights set on Hollywood. With her Lip Gloss still popping, the Harlem/Brooklyn femme fatale kicked it with HipHopWired about the current state of female MCs and her plans to become Hip-Hop’s newest renaissance woman. Bossip fans, here’s a taste of what’s to come when HipHopWired officially hits the Internet in a few weeks.

Hip-Hop Wired: What’s going down Lil’ Mama? You got the new single “I’m A Diva” on the Internet so when can we expect the new album?
Lil’ Mama: I’m definitely in the lab but I don’t want to speak on the album too early because I’m still conceptualizing and putting it together. “I’m a Diva” is definitely one of my songs but it is what it is. It was leaked. But I guess it was meant for the people to hear because they heard it but I ain’t mad. I’m always ready and I’m gearing up for a major year.

Hip-Hop Wired: What can we expect as far as growth from your upcoming project?
Lil’ Mama: My music is definitely inspired by my life and I got the same vision, the same ear and the same pen so basically all my elements are just growing. This album will show my growth and I’m gonna talk more about situations that I didn’t talk about before. Like my last album, this album means a lot to me so no matter whether it’s a fun track or it’s going into detail on something that’s real from a hood experience or one of my new experiences; it’s going to be real and honest. I don’t really want to get into details on the album just yet because I want to make sure everything is in order and the way it gotta be. But it’s definitely going to be a real good one.

Hip-Hop Wired: I see Jive is still working your debut VYP: Voice Of The Young People. Tell us a little about the new song “Truly In Love” where you actually showcase your singing ability as well.
Lil’ Mama: I also just shot a video for my song “Truly In Love” from my first album and it features Fanny Pak (Dance squad from America’s Best Dance Crew). It’s a new look but its not like Lil’ Mama is changing and growing up but more so like Lil’ Mama is going in.

Hip-Hop Wired: How do feel about the state of Hip-Hop and the female MC almost being non-existent?
Lil’ Mama: A lot of females fold under pressure and depending on what the pressure is we all fold somehow. Whatever I would have been born as, I’m a very strong individual and I feel that having the voice that I have, I have to express myself correctly and keep it official. And it doesn’t mean taking my clothes off and just trying to kill everybody (laughs). I come from a stage where Hip-Hop was the battlegrounds and everyone wanted to know who was coming with some hot new flavor and who was nicer than who. Who would stand up and keep going the longest? I think that’s the most fun stage of Hip-Hop because it keeps us motivated to keep going and we look at each other’s endurance and we get expired. And I definitely don’t see that anymore so I’m definitely going to bring that back to the game.

Hip-Hop Wired: What do want to be remembered for and what do you bring into the Hip-Hop arena?
Lil’ Mama: I represent and hold it down. I’m better than a lot of dudes and a lot of people don’t give me enough recognition. My bars are out of this world. When I spit… like I come from the block where everyone was always into metaphors and the hottest lines and all that. So when I spit, see I have a double task. Not only do I bring that action and that creativity and that excitement to my music, I also bring story lines that make sense so you got to love it.

Hip-Hop Wired: What other projects do have in the works outside of music?
Lil’ Mama: I’m open minded. I’m an artist and a lot of things that I’ve been doing when I was younger and growing up, I’ve told people my story coming into the game my freshman year. I told everybody my story, I do everything. I sing, rap, dance, act and so on and I just pretty much put it all out there and now its time for me to just have fun and grow and live my craft and introduce ya’ll to different things one by one as I grow into it and I’m definitely going to venture out.

Hip-Hop Wired: The first three singles from VYP: Voice of The Young People were all dance tracks: “Lip Gloss,” “G-Slide” and “Shawty Get Loose. Were these songs the reason you were chosen to be a host on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew?
Lil’ Mama: Definitely. I believe that when Randy Jackson looked at my reel of work and when I appeared on 106 & Park, my expressions, music videos and the media definitely drove them towards them asking me to be a part of this show. And, I think that they made a righteous choice.

Hip-Hop Wired: What presence do you bring to the show because from watching it you seem to keep it real?
Lil Mama: I bring swag and identity. I definitely inspire the show. As you can see a lot of the crews wear studs in their clothes. They wear bright colors. That’s all inspired by Lil’ Mama. Before that, that style wasn’t on our show or any show. Whether it was from my interviews or just watching me and picking out stuff, the stylist was inspired. I’m sure the directors and producers were too and even the audience and my fans. It’s so many people that love my style and love what I bring and I definitely think that it’s an amazing section to the show.

Hip-Hop Wired: What crews made the biggest impressions on you that you would consider maybe taking out on concert tours one day with you to dance?
Lil Mama: Fanny Pak is off the chain and so is Jabbawokies. So is Super Crew. Status Quo. Ring Masters is out of this world. You got Kaba Modern who are off the hook. Its so many different hot crews and they all got different styles whether it was in Season 1, 2, or 3. We had some groups who came and tried to dance like other groups but the people who did it the best are the people who I remember.

Hip-Hop Wired: Since Randy Jackson executive produces the show and is a veteran music executive as well, are you going to be working together or any future projects or music related things?
Lil’ Mama: To be completely honest with you, I got a lot of opportunities out here. L.A. is a place for opportunities. It’s like you can run into anybody and the next thing you’re doing a movie. Things can happen that quick in one day so anything is possible. I just look forward to the greatness of those possibilities.

By Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris

Watch Lil Mama’s video “Truly In Love” below



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