Bogus Bolitics: GOP Goon Likens President Obama’s Ability To Override Republican Minority To Black Slavery

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You mad?

GOP Senator Likens Limited Authority Of Senate Minority To Slavery

The Republicans have whining their complaints about how less-than-pleased they are with President Obama’s latest judicial and executive nominees, but one GOP Senator took it too far when he recently compared their lack of power to reject the nominations to slavery in the 1800s.

via Think Progress

Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE), joining a parade of Republican Senators angry that a minority of Senators can no longer obstruct President Obama’s judicial and executive nominees, took to the Senate floor Friday to compare his caucus’ plight to that of abolitionists in the 1800s — a comparison that probably would have shocked abolitionists from the 1800s.

Indeed, for much of the Nineteenth Century, the Senate’s anti-majoritarian design played a crucial role in thwarting efforts by abolitionists to eliminate the South’s “peculiar institution.” He had this to say:

They can appoint the entire judiciary of the United States in the District Courts and in the Circuit Courts with absolutely no involvement whatsoever from the minority. None. That’s what their rule change did. Let me take that rule change and think out loud about where we put ourselves as a country.

I wonder who was the first United States Senator in our history who came to the floor and said, “My fellow Senators, I have thought about this, I have contemplated it, maybe I have even prayed about it. And I believe the day has arrived to end slavery in the United States. And I will be attaching an amendment to every bill to end that horrific practice.

All the havoc that the shady GOP has wreaked for the duration of President Obama’s time in office and they have the nerve to whine about not getting their way and liken it to slavery? These douche bags just don’t quit. SMH!

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