Love & Hip Hop: Sidewife Amina Compares Herself To Joseline And Says Peter Gunz Is The Next Stevie J

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So is Tara Wallace the next Mimi the Maid?

Amina Buddafly Compares Her Relationship To Stevie J And Joseline

Amina Buddafly recently talked to The Source about her hot-mess of a relationship with ain’t isht struggle rapper Peter Gunz and compared their sitation to another popular ‘Love & Hip Hop’ couple…

7. What was your reaction when Tara slapped you?

AB: When Tara slapped me, I knew that she was going to react to me telling her that me and Peter we were married, but I didn’t know that she was going get physical with me and I was so blindsided by her reaction. I’m not a violent person, but I wouldn’t go that route.

8. How did it feel when Yandy said that Tara and Peter slept with each other three weeks after their situation?

AB: I am still pissed with that because that is something that I should’ve asked Peter now that we are together and that she needs to apologize to me for disrespecting me by calling me out on the show.

9. What are your feelings towards Tara now?

AB: My feelings towards Tara are that I really don’t care for her, but she should take into consideration that I am married and she shouldn’t mess with Peter. Even though, she slapped me, I should be mad at Peter, but not her.

10. How often do you hear people comparing you to Joseline from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”?

AB: I hear that a lot even though I never watched the show, but they compared me and him to Joseline and Stevie J. People made it seem like Peter like Stevie J as a player, me as Joseline, and Tara as Mimi. I don’t have a problem being compared to her.

Do you think Amina should be comparing her relationship to Joseline and Steebie’s??

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