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Posted by Bossip Staff

After we exclusively published pictures of the girl from the latest R. Kelly scandal, we received an email from someone who seems to be from the Kellz camp. R. Kelly has allegedly known the young girl since she was 4 and her mother said Kellz “crossed the line” last week:

I just wanted to put the record straight out there. I personally know the Daniels family. Regina Daniels is NOT the mother of George Daniels daughter. She is her step mom. The two of them dont get along. Typical stepmom and step daughter situation. She is not 19 she is 21. Her birthday is April 20, 1986. This entire allegation in untrue. The reason regina turned in her letter of resignation in AUGUST i must say is because she told some of R.Kelly’s personal business to people and she signed a letter of confidentiality. R. Kelly treated her by withholding her check and not using her services for his functions. Regina Daniels is known for having a big mouth and being very ignorant. Dont tell her your business because others will definetly know. I dont understand how she is making it as a publicist. She use be be the publicist for Whitney Houston and she was fired because she was running her mouth. Just thought Bossip should know this information.

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  • Jus Another Opinion

    Could I just be 1st, if not Im claiming 2nd and 3rd!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Oaky so the publicist had a big mouth well hell look at who it is Pedaphile Kels and Crack is wack Whitney, it is good she spilled the beans they both need help. And as far ass holding ppl checks (especially black people), that is a no, no..I would run my mouth too Kels need to get some help!

  • momo123

    to james.

    R. kelly is not a Young Man.

    He is 40.

  • me

    that email is suspect as hell. there are an awful lot of typos in it but ok. whatever…

  • Carolyn

    This whole story is suspect



  • http://www.biteme.com **80_RUBIES**


  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    I don’t give a damn if the girl doesn’t get along with her stepmom…and who cares if she is 21? The real issue here is how old was she when she 1st started messing around with R.Kelly? I would put money on it that she wasn’t even 18 yet!

    Why in the hell does someone 35+ want with a 21 year old anyways…but to sleep with them? I honestly find it very disgusting…when someone 35 or over tries to talk to me I honestly want to throw up b.cuz I already know what they want.

  • http://lacydpage.hi5.com lacyd

    Why would you trust an email from R. Kelly’s camp anyway? Of course they’re going to do damage control. Of course they’re going to try and tear that woman to shreads. AS IF it matters if the girl is not her biological daughter. AS IF it matters if she’s 21, 20, 19, whatever. We all know that R. piss on Bellies probably has had a relationship with this girl since she was in diapers. He has a problem, whether or not it was with this lady, or someone else. The proof is in his past. And now we should expect a Gospel song from him.

  • cutie pie

    Ok so lets say she is 21..is it still true that he knew her since she was 4 and still had sex with her???because either way, if she told out of spite its still nasty of mr.kelly to have sex with a girl he considered his little sister

  • J.Bella

    i don’t care what anybody says, he didnt do it. i believed he learned from his mistakes.

    P.S.and i cant wait to go to the concert!!

  • Nosey Aunt Jackie

    *response (let me show that i can spell!!)

  • http://www.biteme.com **80_RUBIES**

    Still a perv, no matter what.


  • Where is Chi town?

    This is Chi Town’s claim to fame right here. At least ya’ll still got Ye.

  • Amarie4911

    Anyone with common sense can tell that that e-mail is bogus and not true. R. Kelly’s illiterate a*

    s probably wrote it to do some damage control. First of all, what does the fact that that is her step-daughter have to do with anything? And if the problem came because she “runs her motuh”, then why did it take him 13 years of her being his publicist to try to “withhold her check” (which is a complete lie) now? R. Kelly is what they call a sociopath. He is not concerned about right and wrong, only what he can get away with and all of his fans let him do it. He puts the fact that everyone who has had a business relationship with him is no longer dealing with him and blames it on everyone but him. Jay-Z, Neyo, His publicist, can’t all be wrong and out to get him.Don’t get me started on those lawsuits against him by young girls who said he got them pregnant and told them to get an abortion. When I saw that tape years ago, I saw that little girl who looked like she had just started puberty and I had to leave the room and throw all of his CDs out. If he was a regular guy, they would have put him under the jail. I hope that his wife doesn’t leave him alone with their daughters because I wouldn’t trust R. Kelly alone with a stuffed animal. Good try, R. Kelly, but we know that you screwed that man’s daughter and you knew her since she was a toddler.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    He and his publicist need to get together and lay down some specific rules for his predatory ass….

    Stay away from the young ladies…. because it’s not a good look for your image man!!!!

  • jasmine

    i cant stand r kelly he needs to go to jail and stay in there for the rest of his life i am so sick of him he is a sick man and a old predator he prays on little girls because he is not man enough to mess with a grown woman he did everything they say he did and every dog hads there day just like they put vick in jail they gone get his ass to you can cash that.

  • kia

    this im stating first: i love r. kelly’s music.

    second: r. kelly needs a little therapy when it comes to getting that “i like girls who are basically babies” syndrome

    third: no matter what the siuation between stepmom and stepkid, if thats what happened, he should have never done that. knowing her since she was 4, he should try to protect her from predators or men of the sort.

  • http://www.hotmail.com BostonBitty

    i dont care if she is 21 or 41. he’s known her since she was little and we all know what he likes. I bet he was paying the step mom to keep he r mouth shut then dadd found out and the whole thing hit the fan

  • Just a thought...

    @ Where is Chi Town?

    You have got to be kidding right? R.Kelly IS NOT Chicago’s claim to fame in music. There are so many famous musicians and recording artists from Chicago it’s not even funny!

    My god, will people look at music before 1994?

    And let’s not forget, Chicago is the birthplace of House Music! All other forms of dance and electronic music is from House music and that my friend is a bigger claim for Chicago than R. Kelly will ever be.


    Yea I nderstand chick “might” have lied. but rkelly is MARRIED or does that not matter. his “camp’ is writng in explaing. oh mr kelly is witht he grl of age. excuse me but mr kelly is married & STILL is in love with kids. 19 is a kid compared to a 40 yrs old man. i swear rkelly need a dr

  • http://myspace.com/thagrindaholic BLUNTBLAZER





  • Pretty_Girl

    All I know is, he needs to keep “it” in his pants! With all the stuff he’s going through, I thought he would be celibate for a while. I wonder if Super-Head ever had sex with him?

  • http://MSN MINDYAOWN

    It really amazes me how people are saying how discusting this alleged tape is… Truth be told all of you are disusting for watching it and then want to comment about it! I have never, nor will I ever want to see anything that I hear having to do with inappropriate behavior envolving children. PLEASE… As far as this whole situation in the end R.Kelly and Daniels will have a better life without one another. Some people just can’t handle their job and she’s obviously one of them. When you take on a job of her nature alot is required of you and if you can’t handle it, you shouldn’t be in the entertainment busniess. I believe the latest posting. She must have crossed some lines of talking about his personal busniess. Look at her husband old as he** and he’s out partying with young women in clubs every single night, hosting parties, dancing with young women telling them what he wants to do to them. As a result Regina so lonely and tired of being cheated on by her stone aged husband she has nothing better to do besides gossip about R.Kelly’s busniess. I can’t wait to see the concert!

  • Sun Goddess

    I do not believe anything that comes from Robert Kelly’s camp, because he’s a pissy ass pedophile.

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