Slum Dog Kid Gets Dog Sh*t Slapped Out of Him

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The Slumdog Millionaire kid has it rough at home. When the kid finally expressed his dislike for dealing with reporters… his dad slapped the dog mess out of him:

One onlooker said: “It was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire.” The lad’s dad has since apologised for striking his son. “I was very sorry that I did what I did,” said the repentant father. “I was so confused and stressed by my son’s homecoming that I did not know myself for a minute….… I love my boy and I am very happy to have him home.” The ugly scenes, which lasted no more than 30 seconds, broke out at around midday today Indian time in the Dharavi slum in Bandra, Mumbai. Azharuddin, who had been given a day off school, was tired after his long haul flight from LA and prolonged hero’s welcome amid a media scrum yesterday. And when he refused to be put on display outside his home this afternoon, his father lashed out, kicking and slapping him round the face. His mother cried out for him to stop, but Ismail continued to dish out the physical punishment to the child-star. Azharuddin stood up to his dad, flaring the temper of the 45-year-old, who launched himself at the lad shamelessly. Azharuddin yelped out as he tried to evade the older man’s flailing hands and feet. He dashed into the tent that makes up his family home, followed by his father, where the young Slumdog star tried to cower in the corner. Azharuddin grabbed his face in pain and then ran off to cry. “Azharruddin’s father was upset that he was asking to be left alone because he was tired,” said one shocked onlooker. “He didn’t attend school today so that he could recover from his long flight from LA and simply wanted all the attention to stop. “However, when Azharuddin put his foot down and said that was it and there was to be no more talking, Ismail just flipped. “It was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire.” Talking only moments before his father’s attack, Azharuddin spoke of his tiredness due to the long flight.

“I do not want to speak today to any reporters,” he said.

Damn, he had to make more money then pops last yr. We find it hard to believe that they have not made enough money to move out of a tent.


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  • Never Know

    LOL That is toooo Funy..FIRST

  • ImWhatItIs


  • MizCatwalk20

    Angelina is on her way over there now with adoption papers in hand. Dont worry little Azu. smh. His dad is just jealous that his son made more than he probably has made in his whole entire life. The baby was tired, they shoulda let him get some rest. Hell they werent the one that starred in the movie..lil guy was.

  • ImWhatItIs


  • qt

    why is this funny? his father needs acid thrown on him and his hands and dikk .. this is bullshyt, the kid needs to be taken out of that place immediately!! i hope he leaves, gets an acting jobs, makes millions and sends thugs 2 fukk his father up ..

  • This I Know

    I also read that the Slum Dog film director hasn’t helped to improve the kids lives either since the film’s success.,21985,25083573-5012747,00.html

  • Solo

    You know this is so sad – why is it that this film won so many damn awards while none of the actors who happened to be people of color whon anything. To top it off i know they weren’t paid shit. Just another example of those on the top profiting from those at the bottom. It doesn’t matter where you are it’s all the same shit. Why doesn’t this little boy have a new home after being the star in such an acclaimed movie. Pure bullshit.

  • JC o' B'klyn

    @solo– solo, don’t let any south-Asian-Indian hear you call them people of color; these people talk down about Blacks, especially Afri-Ame. Even Ghandi, when he was put in jail in South Africa with Blacks said “the native [meaning Blacks] behaved like animals”.

  • whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong

    That’s sad…we know what happens whenthe cameras aren’t around

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Damn! Ole dad is about to learn very soon that shit don’t fly no more. You’re in America’s eye now not just the village

  • http://BOSSIP SHAUNIE27


  • Come on People


    FYI… the movie was about People of Color. Remember People of Color refers to anybody that is not white, it includes blacks, orientals, and hispanics.

    The kids recieve a stipen and schooling is paid for, and will recieve a Trust when they Graduate from school. The indian government has decided to give them housing. I can understand not just dumping a ton of money in the childrens lap because the family would just mismanage it. Poor People have Poor Ways. Also, the movie was not exspected to do so well, it was an independant film, with a very low budget. They were not especting the sucess that they recieved. However, I can believe that Azharuddin will have a harder time making it than Rubina. He does need more than a day to recover from flying across the world and crossing several time zones.

  • Bilqis

    So where the hell is the director? Probably somewhere drunk at a bar in England using the money he made off of these kids. This pisses me off so badly. I’m not letting the dad off, but this probably is his MO.

  • PhillyYoung&Grown

    good parenting.


    Third World discipline ain’t no joke. Damn, if this is what the father does in front of people, imagine what kind of tyrant he is behind closed doors.

  • Stomp Like an Elephant

    There is nothing funny about a child being slapped in the face by their father. Getting your ass whooped is one thing, but a slap in the face hurts on so many levels…and for it to be caught on camera and done in front of others is way past embarrassing. That poor boy.


    *@ “closed doors” – I meant tied tent flaps.

  • black

    i think the dady trying to turn azu into a cash cow…how did that money get eat up like that? i know they didnt get a high amount in the first place because no one knew how much mone the movie would make but damn, what was poppa doin? it is sad to see such things going on tho, hustling your child to the media smh

  • Somer

    I am sorry. This is funny as hell

  • memchee

    that is horrible.

  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Damn…the kid was tired from the flight. AND this little product of your youthful loins is now your meal ticket. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…or slap the face that moves you out of tents. I can understand if the little guy was letting this go to his head and acting like a brat, but sweet minty Jesus…he was JUST TIRED.

  • Voice of Reason

    The slum kids in the movie didn’t make very much money at all. It doesn’t matter that the movie has been commercially successful and received numerous accolades, the money isn’t passed on to the actors. Remember when Hilary Swank won her first Oscar? She only earned $3,000 and didn’t even qualify for insurance through SAG. Besides the people that live in Indian slums are the lowest of the low in that society. It’s no wonder the father acts like an out-of-control wildebeast, he lives in conditions that are inhuman. His actions reflect that.

  • Lee Lee

    All these Indians look like they don’t bath often…that ass whooping IS funny. My grandmother would have done the same thing if I tried to show my ass in front of the media…which is beat my ass in front of the media. Countries outside of the US don’t have 911…lol…you’re allowed to DISCIPLINE your child, and I’ve gotten beaten worse. That’s why the children in the US are the way they are, and it’s not only Indians are disgusted with African Americans…it’s most countries.

  • Buzz

    They only paid the young kids in that movie $1,000. So, they kid stars did not reap the millions that film is making. Hopefully, the production company will do the right thing by the stars but I doubt it. I guess a trip to the Oscars was supposed to make up for the lack of funds. But don’t get ahead of yourself, young star…daddy will put a beat down on that a.s!

  • apple dutchmaster

    Why didn’t the reporters beat Dad’s a$$, why did they just stand there and watch. Hope Dad get arrested for his foolishness.

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