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Yeezus isn’t gonna like this…

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One is a beloved ’90s television actor, best known for playing a sweet but not-so-sharp character on the show “Blossom.” The other is one of today’s most outspoken and polarizing rap stars, with nearly as many tabloid rumors as best-selling records. Joey Lawrence and Kanye West may not seem like they would share much in common, but one recent event may link the two.

On a recent episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” Lawrence talked about his success on “Blossom” in the 1990s, including the signature style he always rocked as the show’s lovable Joey Russo: ripped jeans and a flannel shirt tied around his waist.

The Joey Russo look became a pop culture classic. “We didn’t have social media back then, but it took off in a matter of a half a season,” Lawrence recalls. “I can only imagine what it would have done today.”

Today, that well-known ’90s getup might be resurfacing. More than 15 years after Lawrence jump-started the trend, Kanye West wore red and black flannel around his waist at a Louis Vuitton runway show in Paris. The connection didn’t go unnoticed.

“Sure enough, People or US Weekly or something [wrote], ‘Kanye’s Rocking His Joey Lawrence in Paris.’ I’m sure he loved that,” Lawrence laughs. “The fashion icon that he is, I’m sure he’s like, ‘No! This is not Joey! Joey who?'”

Even if the rap star — or anyone else, for that matter — were inspired by Lawrence’s flannel attire, the actor says he has no problem with sharing his style. “You know, everybody steals my look,” he jokes. “It’s all right.”

We know how seriously Kanye takes his role as a style icon, we’re gonna keep an eye on his timeline for the forthcoming rant.

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