Doing it Aussie Style

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Pharrell and Macy Gray got it in “down under” at the Future Music Festival in Sydney, Australia and it looks like they were committed to giving those Aussies a heck of a show.

More pics of Macy, who ain’t missed a meal, and Pharrell when you…

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  • betty

    I have seen his pics on a celeb dating site named ____Millionaire Romances com______ . I don’t understand what he do on that site.Does he want to date with some girls?

  • blondie

    i still think he’s cute. but he’s getting old. shdn’t b dressing like a teenager no more.

  • blondie

    wait, where’d his eyebrows go tho???

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    awwwww! slow satutday!

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    damn its too early, a nigga forgot how to spell


  • Hova blows

    N.E.R.D……worse concert I’ve ever seen…I feel sorry for the aussies.

  • Cuticle Scissors

    Skate Board P is a sexy MF

  • Oshie

    I like Pharrell, but I would never buy his albums. And um Macy Gray is… nice.. I guess.

  • BonNuNu

    I like N.E.R.D .. their concert was mad hype when they came around the way. Their album is pretty good too..
    And I see Pharrell is lookin sexy as ever! :]


    Macy might be the poster child for Belleview but her tracks stay funky.


    I don’t care what they say…I bangs with Macy…she heard Sting…”Be yourself no matter what they say…word

  • Breezi

    Damn Pharrell…..still, marry me? lolz.

  • Mr.Swirl's Baby

    Pharell doesnt like black girls so I like him. I agree with him on that level. Go Phareleezy. Macy Gray ruins this post for me so i’m leaving now.

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