Baby Mama Drama: Shaunie And Shaquille O’Neal Beef Over Kids’ Appearance On New Reality Show!

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Shaq ain’t havin’ it!

Shaquille O’Neal Refuses To Allow Shaunie To Put Kids In New Reality Show

According to TMZ reports:

Shaunie O’Neal is rushing to court this morning for an emergency order allowing her to put her kids on her new reality show … but ex-hubby, Shaquille O’Neal, is saying, “Over my dead body.”

Shaunie has a deal for a new reality show for VH1 — “The Shaunie Project.” It’s about life with her and her kids. But we’ve learned Shaq has put his big foot down, saying there’s no way he’ll allow their 4 kids to appear.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Shaunie has tried convincing Shaq that her show is just like “The Cosby Show” — good, wholesome, family fun. She told him one of the episodes will focus on Shaunie’s aversion to working out. The kids will convince her that working out is good and they’ll all run a 5K together. Forgive our cynicism, but it sounds like this show may be scripted.

Shaq is not buying it and feels there are too many pressures imposed by producers — to be able to keep the show wholesome. He’s convinced the show will end up showcasing a dysfunctional family that will hurt his kids, some of whom are already struggling in school. Shaq believes no good can come from cameras in the home.

We’re told Shaunie will tell the judge she needs an emergency order so she can meet her deadlines — filming is scheduled to start the first week of January.

Shaq is also leery of Shaunie … who once proclaimed she would no longer tolerate violence on her show, “Basketball Wives,” because it damages the image of Black women … yet she quickly changed her mind and the cat fights continued.

Why can’t Shaunie just go find some other birds grown azz women to put on TV rather than use the kids to fulfill her wannabe Mona Scott Young fantasy?

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