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A little role reversal?

Straight Teacher Sues School For Wrongful Termination When Fired By Gay Boss

Via NYDailyNews

A married heterosexual dad says he was booted from his coaching job at a prestigious Upper West Side private school because he didn’t play for the other team.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Gregory Kenney, 50, says he was targeted for termination from the Trinity School because his lesbian supervisor was biased against straight family men.

Kenney said he’d “enjoyed a positive relationship with administrators, staff and fellow teachers” at the West 91st St. school for well over a decade – until he was “placed under the supervision and leadership of a homosexual, single female administrator with no children.”

That administrator, Pat Krieger, piled extra work on Kenney to make it impossible for him to spend time with his wife and kids, the suit says.

Krieger demanded he “coach soccer, basketball and golf, knowing that those sports required nights, weekends, summer commitments and holidays, and that it would interfere with plaintiff’s responsibilities to his wife and young children,” the suit says.

When he complained about the additional workload, Krieger “reprimanded” him and told him “she did not care about his family obligations and ‘we all make choices,'” the suit says.

But when a younger, single female teacher complained about the same issue, Krieger accommodated her, the suit says.

It wasn’t the only time – Kenney said he was “continuously berated and reprimanded” by Krieger and another administrator, who would “routinely afford preferential treatment to the younger, single female teacher with no children.”

Krieger then upped the ante by making false allegations against Kenney in a bid to get him canned, the suit says.

She accused him of illegally subletting his Trinity Tower apartment – a prime perk for teachers at the $38,995-a-year school – and having left students unsupervised, the suit says.
“It was very stressful and difficult,” Kenney said.

He was canned as a result of the bogus allegations in June of 2012, the suit says.

The filing says Krieger has gone on to can other married coaches with kids, but doesn’t offer any details of the firings.

Kenney said he was “subsequently replaced by a homosexual female for his teaching duties, and a younger male without children to take over coaching of the boys soccer and basketball teams.”

Not sure this guy has a strong enough case to really convince a judge that he’s been discriminated against due to his sexual preference, but clearly the shady, cat-chasing, athletic director has a problem with him.

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