9 Celebs Who Almost Caught Fade

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Celebrities catch fade all the time with each other, but sometimes people intervene before things get out of hand. Here are 9 celebs who almost caught fade.

Ray J

Ray J almost caught fade while confronting cops after hearing disrespectful comments about Whitney Houston.

Rob Kardashian

Little brother Rob almost put them paws on ex brother-in-law Lamar Odom for chopping down slorey mistresses behind Khloe’s back. Thank God she got rid of him.

Matt Barnes

Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes nearly came to blows after Serge pushed Blake Griffin and Matt came to Blake’s defense.

Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce took her shoes off and was about to get in that azz after accusing Kandi’s BFF Carmon of chopping Todd down.

Lebron James

King Lebron was about to go upside teammate Mario Chalmers head during timeout and even screamed in his face.

Kendrick Perkins

Oklahoma City Thunder baller Kendrick Perkins and his wife almost caught fade with an Asian nail tech after the tech pushed his wife’s hand out her face.

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    Webbie was five seconds away from slapping the isht out of a DJ because he kept asking him about his alleged seizures. Dude should have just let it go.

    Kim Zolciak

    Kim had to almost pull a Mama Joyce after a freaky broad flirted with hubby Kroy on a flight. Kim said you won’t be joining the mile-high club today beyotch.

    Marlo Hampton

    Marlo wanted to push Sheree’s wig back after Sheree neglected to invite her to a dinner in Cape Cod, but Nene intervened.

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