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Rihanna attended the Bambi Awards in Germany wearing a long satiny leopard gown. Although that animal print look is in these days, your average broad would not be able to pull this one off.

She looks good to say the least, but that fake smile is wack as hell.

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  • joe

    i don’t like.

  • Ja

    Damn, her fore head is looking extra McBig on here. I swear it fluctuates.

  • piercdbruh

    But Rhianna is just average in looks so how did she pull it off? Oh I got it… SHE DIDN”T!!!!

  • Trinitalian

    Rihanna putting them butt pads to use again I see. Other than the butt pads, her forehead swag, and the dress & purple rain stiletto combo, she looks nice.

  • MsTray

    WHy in the hell did she put those pink shoes on with that dress? Hot azz mess an no it’s not fashion so don’t gimme that.

  • tintin

    i don’t get the shoes either. and the zipper at the back of the dress isn’t appealing either.

  • jade

    Damn the hateration dont stop lol!!!

    I think she looks hot, love her style.

  • Marsha

    Trini i thought i was the only one that peeped that out. But she looks cute though

  • Topaz Vixxen

    Oh, HELL no! The purple shoes have got to go, and as someone else pointed out, the zipper showing in the back is not cute. This dress looks like someone’s sewing project for home ec class!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    What the hell was she thinkin’ with that whole outfit. Did one of her friends made the dress and were those where the only shoes that she could find. Surely she could have found something not so mismatched but whateve… nice try.

  • mzlynbkny

    I think the dress is nice but it makes her look older!!!!

  • Mrs

    She is a good looking gurl. Don’t like the hair thought- thats a no no

    but she is tall so she can carry print off.

  • sello

    i can pull it of better, but she still looks good

  • queenie

    I actually like her hair. But what is up with all that extra a@@ she has now. Is she partaking of the butt shots too? Her butt was not that big. The rest of the outfit….not so much.

  • John

    Love the girl!! Her Butt is looking nice too!!!

  • one
  • CoCoa-Brown

    s**** da’ f*** up


    I dress that tight will make your but look like that…………

  • kai

    Shes aiight. LOOOOVE the hair. Makes me want to chop my hair up and do it like her..

  • Kanyade

    She looks great. 🙂

  • Traycee

    I was w/ the outfit until I saw the pink shoes peeking out. Me no likey.

  • Keeping It Real (D' Original)

    Ya’ll don’t know about that… That outfit is straight outta the “Tarzan 2008 Collection”.

    Ya’ll are just jealous :- )

    Everytime I look at that outfit, I hear monkey sounds….

  • Monica

    Is it me…or does Rihanna look like Earth Kits Grandbaby????? Please just let me know I’m not trippin…hahaha LMBAO!!!

  • Monica

    Is it me…or does Rihanna look like Eartha Kits Grandbaby????? Please just let me know I’m not trippin…hahaha LMBAO!!!


    I am not feeling the makeup this time around

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