Body Slammer Will Face Charges

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Akon will face criminal charges after his crowd tossing incident back in June. Akon body-slammed some kid from the crowd at Fishkill-based WSPK (104.7 FM)’s annual KFEST concert at Dutchess Stadium in New York. A girl was injured and suffered from a concussion, and now Akon must appear in a Fishkill, NY court Monday morning for arraignment.

He’ll just be charged with a misdemeanor for endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment, no big deal. His old ass just needs to know to quit it with the crowd participation. We all remember what happened when he freaked that 14-yr. old Pastor’s daughter at a performance.


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  • somali gurl

    1st hahaha

  • somali gurl

    1st hahaha..manchester, england

  • sello

    oh man!

  • somali gurl

    akon a is a prik. @ 1st i tawt he o.k, ut now i find his voice so anm annoying.

  • Mrs

    I have never ever ever liked him

    Stupid chipmunk sounding, ugly, black as hell tosser! Mans voice pisses me off

  • Bird

    No biggie. I’m sure he knew this could happen when he threw the kid. As for concussion girl, I don’t believe her. She would have sued by now if she could prove she got a concussion from that incident. It appears she is still trying to put a case together.

  • Bahama Mama

    did someone not know how to use the flash on the camera??? OH WAIT….DAMN….maybe they did…hahahahahahahahaha

  • Mrs

    looks like a frigging Silhouette. A blick ET

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Akorn should be charged, but why did it take this long for him to be charged?

  • Nicole

    could his jeans be any tighter???

  • AND...

    I don’t like him so send him to jail.

  • kwa

    …maybe he just shouldn’t perform anymore. It’s funny how he always seems to pick out the babies in the crowd.

  • Traycee

    Bahama…….you STOOPID!!!

    I’m glad his ass is getting charged w/ SOMETHING.

  • MARV

    lawd he is ugly.

  • Bahama Mama

    Hiya Traycee!!! ANd my momma said I’m is smart!! THANK U!!!LOL

  • Daniel

    Thank god for white teeth to help determined that he has any discernable features. Gosh he’s dark.

  • disgusted

    damn he’s crispy.

  • BlackGoddess

    okay, he should be charged but so should the little twirp that threw something at him! just saying …

  • Cute

    Damn that man so BLACK tht he should carry a flash light and have it on so people want run him down. Jet black. Yes he should get some time. He was in the wrong for that one.

  • Black is Beautiful

    if our ancestors never messed around with YT we would all be looking like that.

    That right there is an AUTHENTIC black man. stop hating you damn Mulattoes

  • MARV


  • Mrs

    I embrass all my roots United colours of benneton style- mix up match up I am- and pretty as hell with it

  • Mrs

    fine but he is still ugly as hell I have seen gorgeous people the same complexion as him.

  • dontaskme4shyt

    Good for his dumb azz!

  • dee

    This tar baby should be arrested for being so damn black!!!!

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