SMH: Cops Beat Down 15 Year Old Girl in Holding Cell

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

There’s no way to sugar coat this one, y’all.  Two officers out in Seattle beat the dog sh*t out of 15 year old girl, who just so happened to be black.  Pop the hood to peep the mauling…

This Deputy Schene asshole has already killed himself a retarded fella a few years back and now he’s resorted to tearing up our niece like that?!?!  Pardon the expression, but F*CK THAT.  These two nuccas need to be living inside a jail cell immediately, but if they happen to catch a much needed beat down in the meantime, so be it.  SMH

thanks Jasmine H

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  • dude

    i hope some1 finds these f*ckers and beat the shit outta them

  • yada yada ya...


  • Niasia

    Oh my goodness what the hell? Why was she is a holding cell in the first place? Regardless of her reason for being there. No need for that level of violence towards someone oyu could have subdued easier then that. She did not attempt to strike him…..I just don’t get this!!





  • The Truth.......aka Sweet

    oH I WANT THE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF BOTH THOSE COPS!!! They need to get Cb on there asses A Cb beat down!!…………….Oh so sorry Cb I had to say that. LOL
    The girl and her mother or guardian needs to sue both those cops and the whole dang police department, plus the jack ass that said, Oh I have no comment and people can make their own decision about the video!”

  • Jamillah

    This officer obviously needs to be disciplined, but I don’t think we should condone violence toward police officers or by police officers. The girl’s family should sue the department to send the message that type of behavior will not be tolerated.

  • I Love Being Black

    Damn! Rushed her, slammed her head into the wall, threw her on the ground, punched her two times in the head while handcuffing her…then pulled her up by her hair. WTF?!?

    I don’t care how much someone mouths off, one should have more control than to hit/assault someone in that manner. Justice needs to be swift and right in this case.

  • Not Right

    There is no other side to the story. She is in a holding cell. If she was being disrespectful send her to juvy. She was locked up, so let her louth off if she wants. This was a beatdown. This is child abuse. Assault. These men are trained to use their bodies as weapons if need be, and they beat that lil girl like he stole something. Hitting her in the head while she is handcuffed. Lifting her by her hair. She didn’t even fight back. This sis what happens when you put criminals in a uniform and give the ma badge.

  • Terry-Ann31

    WOW this is dead wrong/this how the police does man women or child or dog get wrong with them and they think its their place to lay hands on you. Sad they should be punished harshly

  • sexsired

    OMG!!!! it don’t matter what was said, the crackers should have not beaten her like that. Number one she is still a child and she did not even kick her shoe hard as i see it it was vert soft. Shows that the PIGS are Cowards. (can’t even taka a soft kick from a fifteen year old girl.

  • memchee

    u guyzs r right, no sugarcoating this one.

    the tape only showed her kicking her shoe off out the door with all the defiance of a hard headed teenager.

    didn’t look like she was reaching for their gun or anything.

  • `shOOrang

    there was no need to go Chris Brown on her, dammit!!! they need to be punished for assaulting her like that!

  • 007

    just curious, where are the girls parents? why is she is jail? why are black youths being swallowed up into the system? What the cop did was repulsive and wrong and need to be brought to justice. However, the 15 yr old girl parents needs to be jailed for life as well, for not instilling better values in their child, this goes for majority of parents, specifically blacks these days, that have children, while being a child themselves. Blacks need to rise up or more of your children will be getting beat down by cops, the law forbids us to chastise our kids, but the cops do it. You better start growing your children up right and if that means a few spanks, so be it. It will save them the trouble of being beat down in jail at 15 by some cops.

  • jameelah

    thats sad. what other side of the story? who cares what this CHILD said…nothing warrants that type of behavior. what a shame. some police officers take their power to another level. Thank godness for the video camera, i hope that real justice is served on them immediately. but if history has taught us anything, it wont be

  • thru

    I hope the family sue the pants off the police station..Police always got to act like thugs when blacks are involved..

  • Parease

    i dont care what that girl did they had no right to beat her like that two grown ass men beatin on a child dont make no damn sense they should be ashamed of themselves

  • The kid

    This is not off topic just vibe with me on this one:

    Shit like this makes me get piss at organizations like peta, who go out of there way to protect some damn animals who don’t have souls, but don’t cause an uproar over something like this. Hell, the NAACP doesn’t have as much power as PETA. Shows you what this nation really thinks about black people. Mike Vick is crucified because of the mistreatment of pit bulls and this marked ass bitch cop will get off.

    But who is going to crucify this cop for his abuse of this young woman who has a soul? He’ll get off. Cops have killed unarmed black men (who have souls) in this country and gotten off.

    Where is the media crucifixion for Chris Brown?
    Why is the abuse of black women so okay in this nation, regardless of community?

    Put a white woman in that video and observe the hell that is raised. Have we’ve come far at all?

  • eboneytonisha

    Maybe next time this gangster won’t kick her boot off and hit the police

  • serene

    It doesn’t even matter what she said, there was no need to a MAN to be beating on a CHILD like that….especially when he had her held down on the grown already…..

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  • Marquis de Sade

    Now, now people, looks can be deceiving. This video has all the earmarks of a CBREEZY/RHIRHI scenario written all over it. She’s hysterical & combative. These officers (like Chris) were put in a situation where they were left with no recource, but to try and restrain her for their and herr own safety…Before you jump to conclusions, lets’ wait for the whole story to be revealed…Afterall, y’all don’t want to waste your time, emotions, and energy supporting the wrong party. For all we know, this girl could’ve been set off by a bootycall text message to her boyfriend, thus sending her off on a “HULK SMASH-LIKE” rampage. Y’all know how dangerous and volatile the scorned female gets.

  • Marquis de Sade


  • Marquis de Sade


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