Hypocrisy? Shaunie Says Shaq Was Previously Negotiating For Himself AND Children To Appear On Reality Show!

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Shaunie O’Neal Refutes Shaq’s Claim That He Didn’t Want Kids In Reality Show

Earlier this week we posted a story about Shaq vehemently putting the brakes on Shaunie’s plan to put their children in a new reality show. Turns out, at one point, Shaq actually WANTED the kids to participate!

According to TMZ reports:

Shaunie O’Neal claims Shaq is full of BS when he says he was always opposed to doing a reality show with their kids … and says she has it in black and white … he’s lying.

Shaunie filed unsigned contracts and correspondence with the court — obtained by TMZ — in which it’s clear … Shaq was negotiating to become a part of the reality show. Shaq was negotiating not only his participation in the show, but his 4 kids as well.

Shaunie submitted a sworn declaration from the head producer, who claims Shaq gave him the green light to do the show, only to withdraw permission after saying the show is “not a good look for me.”

But Shaq tells a very different story. Sources connected with him tell TMZ … he initially was open to doing the show until he learned one of his kids had a serious learning problem in school. He also wanted creative control to protect his kids and that was denied. Shaunie claims Shaq was offered creative control.

Oh, so Shaq doesn’t want his special needs child’s business all on blast in prime time. Can’t be mad at that, right?

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