The Jig Is Up: Jalen Rose’s Sister-In-Law Popped For Alleged Husband Murder After Running From Feds For 36 Years!

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The chickens are ready to roost

Woman Popped In Michigan For Killing Husband After 36 Years On The Run

Via ABCNews

A Texas woman on the run since 1977 from attempted murder allegations was arrested this week nearly 1,500 miles away in Michigan.

Kathlyn Regina Huff, 58, was arrested on Tuesday in Farmington Hills, Mich., a Detroit suburb, more than 36 years after she was indicted in San Antonio, Texas, for allegedly shooting her common-law husband in the head, according to authorities.

Authorities took Huff into custody without incident, they said, in what one neighbor called a sleepy, country neighborhood.

“It’s a shocker because if it’s been that long, if she’s been around that long, I’m quite surprised,” Patricia Kaye, who lives about a block and a half away from Huff’s home, told ABC News. “It’s a very quiet neighborhood. We don’t have any odd happenings that go on around here.”

Huff, who changed her name to Kathlyn Regenia Rose after marrying, most likely fled San Antonio between when she allegedly attempted murder in 1976 and the time of her indictment in 1977, Bozeman said. U.S. Marshals in Texas determined that she made her way to Seattle before settling in southeastern Michigan, he said.

Can’t lie, this lady had one helluva run, but if she killed her husband then she deserves every hour of prison time she’s about to get. Arrivederci!

Image via ABCNews

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