Switching Sides??? Transgender Model Isis King Says Bruce Jenner “Could Help Millions” If He Undergoes Gender Reassignment!

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Is Bruce about to become Brittany now that he’s “free”???

Transgender Community Show Support For Bruce Jenner’s Reassignment Surgery

Via RadarOnline

Days before Kris and Bruce Jenner announced their separation, he was already gushing to fans about his new life. “I’m finally free,” he said at an event on October 18, “to do what I want and live life the way I want.” And increasingly, it seems, that includes some striking physical changes. After years of surgery feminizing his features, Bruce has grown his hair out into a long ponytail, tweezed his eyebrows, and started wearing earrings and lip gloss. Then, his recent announcement that he was getting his Adam’s apple shaved down seemed to be a possible indication that he was starting down the road towards gender reassignment surgery. Bruce backtracked, insisting he wasn’t transitioning to a woman, and simply didn’t like his Adam’s apple. Ultimately, he cancelled the appointment. But now, Hollywood transsexuals are speaking out about Bruce’s recent changes, to offer advice and support for a man they say could help millions if he eventually decides to transform into a woman.

Dr. Marci Bowers, the first transsexual woman to perform sex change operations herself, tells Radar exclusively, “The real hallmark of being male is the presence of an Adam’s apple. Someone choosing to have that reduced is pretty much making a statement that when they’re going to be dressed as a woman, they’re hoping to pass as a female in public.” (Ellen Kardashian has said that Bruce’s ex, Chrystie Crownover, told her that the former Olympian likes to cross dress in high heels and lacy bras. Crownover later denied it.)

While no one knows if Bruce is actually transgender, Dr. Bowers says, “That could be the step that Bruce is making. It’s complicated, but it would be very surprising if it was just a final step for doing something about a feature he didn’t like, and not the beginning of a slippery slope [to gender reassignment surgery].”

According to some, the tranny community is more than willing to warm Bruce’s cold feet…

Transsexual contestant and fan favorite Isis King agrees that Bruce could be an impressive role model if he is indeed transgender.

“He’s going to give Kris Jenner a run for her money!” King tells Radar exclusively. “That’s very brave, to come from that reality show and just do that. After everything he’s accomplished before the Kardashians, that would be a very brave move. To show that no matter who you are, where you’re come from, you can be an example of diversity. He’s a person of Olympic experience, on a Wheaties box! It would be awesome.”

Should Bruce ever decide to transition, the model, actress, and fashion designer says, he will have an even tougher time, however, than people transitioning outside of the spotlight. “There are so many pictures, and videos of him as who he is now,” he says. “If he decides to become a woman, they will always be there for people to criticize or make fun of every little thing, when the reality is that it takes time to completely get where you want to be.” King says that she has struggled watching video footage of herself early in her transition, which eventually included gender reassignment surgery, breast implants, and hormone therapy.

That said, her advice for a potentially transitioning Bruce would be, “It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a really long process, seeing changes in your body, and mentally just being able to come to terms with it. For me, it was years. Just go with the flow and don’t rush into anything. I’ve learned to say positive and keep an open mind and everything works out.”

Good luck in whatever you choose, Bruce. You’re definitely gonna need it!

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