BOSSIP Exclusive: Eric Benet Talks Daddy Life, Hitting Reality TV And New Label Exec Role

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BOSSIP recently had a chance to catch up with Eric Benet. The soul singer took a minute to update us on his new family, upcoming projects, Real Husbands of Hollywood and those lingering Halle Berry jokes. The new father spoke particularly highly of his two-year-old baby girl, Lucia Bella:

How is that baby treating you? Keeping you up?

DEFINITELY keeping me up! She’s got so much personality. And she pretty much runs the household now, as you could imagine. She’s great. She’s potty-trained, she’s been talking for a while, and we’re having her birthday party in 4 or 5 days. Three years old.

It’s really an amazing life. My wife is just the perfect partner with this amazing little cherub of a baby. I’m gonna be ultra-biased right now, but I think the child is a genius. She’s doing everything like way ahead of schedule. [My wife and I] go by all these charts and diagrams and apps we would have on iPad that would say “by this month, your child should be rolling over.” And we’d be like “Damn, well she was doing that like 4 months ago.” “Your child at this age should be able to say two words” well, she is saying sentences and knowing numbers and stuff, so. Obviously, take that with a grain of salt from me as a biased Daddy. But, I think she definitely has a shot at being the first female Black president!

I know your daughter India sings as well, is Lucia following in your footsteps?

Lucia, way ahead of schedule, is writing songs. She’s got her little mirror-mirror song, she’s got her Halloween song, her birthday’s coming up soon and she’s got her own special little made-up birthday song, so yes, Lucia, as I said before, is a genius and yeah she’s writing music.

Aw! Eric is such a proud and happy husband and father! Great to see a celebrity so focused on family. Hit the flip to find out more about his new TV project.

That’s wonderful. Now, we hear that you’re working on a new show.

Yeah, it’s a really interesting concept. It’s a show called Sub Stars. The idea came from my production partner Phil Viardo. Basically, it’s one of those ideas where you’re like “Damn, why did nobody ever do this before?” It’s really inspired by all the talent we see in the subway systems. It’s a national talent competition for subway performers and street performers. There have been many times where I’ve been walking to the subway and I saw somebody performing or singing, and I thought they were amazing. I’m sure a lot of other people have had that same experience. This show gives that incredible talent a platform.

So how are contestants chosen for the competition? Do you personally pick them?

These are all people who I have no relationship or interaction with at all. The cool thing about this show is it’s going to give the fans an opportunity to basically be the talent scouts. There will be a Sub Stars app that you can download to your smartphone. Whoever has the app, if they see somebody they think is incredible, they can film 20/30 seconds of them, send it right away to Sub Stars, and they could be on the episode that week. It’s real dope. It’s really the first time in history TV’s done anything like this. It’s giving not only fans the opportunity to be the talent scouts, but also through crowd-funding, it’s giving the chance to actually make the show happen. So it’s really exciting.

Interesting concept! A talent competition where not only do the people vote, but they decide who qualifies in the first place. What do you think? Is this a show you’d like to be a part of? Check out to get all the info, and flip the page to find out what it’s like on the set of Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Now you’ve also been doing some acting, right?

Yeah I’ve been doing a little bit of that. It’s more like hanging out with some crazy dudes and somebody just filming it. That’s what “Real Husbands” feels like – just a bunch of cool homies to hang out with. We have a great time on the set. It’s a lot of fun, it’s no stress. You just come, cut up, crack a few jokes, laugh.

That’s what’s up. We just spoke Kevin Hart not too long ago, and he talked about all the short jokes he has to endure. For you, it’s got to be Halle Berry jokes. Are we right?

Yeah. I mean, it’s at the point now where I don’t know if it’s ever going to [get old]. There’s no statute of limitations on wife jokes, but fortunately there’s been quite a bit of time and a lot of distance from that whole thing going down. So those jokes are fine now. The thing about it is, if you can’t laugh at yourself and you can’t laugh at things that happened in your life, you’re probably not over them. You probably won’t be over them for a while. Once something gets to the point where “Okay, that was kind of funny – it wasn’t funny then, but we can laugh now,” you’re good.

Great that he has a sense of humor about all the Halle jokes. We’re sure you’d need it hanging around a comedian like Kevin Hart, since he is always ready to roast. Did you catch Eric Benet’s cameo on Real Husbands of Hollywood?

Flip the page for more on Eric’s label and upcoming album.

You’re becoming quite the record mogul yourself, we hear?

Yeah, I’ve just been very, very busy and blessed. Jordan House Records. The first release was my album, “The One,” which has done incredibly well. Thank you everybody out there. I’m actually on my fourth single right now which is on its way to the top ten. For so many reasons, it’s just incredible to be running the show. Being on that side where you’re just another artist on some big record label trying to fight for attention and priority, and then being in a position where I’m the label – It’s just a feeling of complete power, autonomy, control. I think anybody, whatever your craft is, whatever you’ve been investing your life in professionally, you ultimately get to a point where you don’t need the approval of anybody else. And it really feels good to have this blessing of Jordan House Records.

Everything went so well with my first release that we signed a couple of artists – and not just any artists, but like dope, amazing, incredible artists. The first album that we’re finishing is an incredibly talented cat named Calvin Richardson. I describe his voice as vintage soul. I wanted to go after him because I really felt like my team could really do some justice with getting him material and just reminding the world how incredible he is. Luckily, he said yes, so we’re almost finished with his record. The other incredibly amazing artist is Goapele. Everybody loves Goapele. She has such a unique creative statement, she has such a beautiful voice and energy and it’s just going to be amazing. In addition to those two artists, I’m going back into the studio by the end of this month to start on the next Eric Benet record, so it’s just going to be busy.

Nice! We can’t wait to hear more music from Eric Benet, and we’re definitely excited about Calvin Rchardson and Goapele’s upcoming projects. Will you all be listening as well?

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