Solange Jacks Up Audience Member

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

One more reason Solange needs to quit this so-called music career of hers. Pop that thang to see your girl injure one of her poor unsuspecting audience members by accident, then run off the stage like a freakin’ 7 year old or some sh*t.


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  • Joe Pissed-Off

    what the hell did she say? “My Bad.”

  • bronzedasian


  • bronzedasian

    @ bossip

    what the hell is going on comments?

  • pam

    law suit..she needs to sit down some where and stop trying to act like she hard

  • De'Vincent


    Many Will DIE in the WILDERNESS!!! 7:49am
    Dying in the Wilderness

    Phil. 3:13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should
    be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting
    the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, New Literal Translation

    There is something very important that we must remember
    in our walk with Christ. God is always ahead of us and the
    enemy is always behind us! This is good to know because
    God always shows you the future and the enemy always
    reminds you of the past. You cannot go forward while looking
    backwards. This is what happened to the children of Israel
    and why they wandered around for so many years not
    making any progress. Why? Because they didn’t want to let
    go of their past and move forward. God allowed them to
    walk in literal circles until they died and he took their children
    into the promised land because they kept making references
    to Egypt and how, even though they were slaves, tortured,
    and killed by Egyptians, they at least had food and water!!!

    That sounds like many of us today, holding on to things that
    are literally killing us, but we can’t seem to let go. People
    in our lives that are sent by the devil and we know they are
    sent by the devil, we yet keep them around and can’t let go.
    Even things or people that God has warned us about, we
    can’t seem to shake. Or, positions, jobs, etc. that we constantly
    hold on to because it’s “better than nothing”. Well, how long
    will you wander around in the wilderness before you let go of
    your past and move on? Many of us can’t move on because
    our past is in our future’s place!! And many will die without
    ever seeing the promise of God for their life. Are you making
    big plans to die in the wilderness? I don’t think the Israelites
    planned their demise either, but looking back stopped their
    forward progress. I encourage you to stop focusing on where
    you have been and what you have done in the past. God is a
    future God! He deals with now and forever, not back then.
    Don’t let the devil make you feel that your past is significant
    anymore because God is in front of you coaching your forward
    progress while the enemy is behind you, begging you to turn

    Suggested Reading: Ex. 14:15, Deut. 9:12, Josh. 5:4, Phil. 3:14,

  • Balls Deep


  • Ermy Erm (I hate Mondays dammit)

    Pop that thang to see your girl injure up one of her poor unsuspecting audience members by accident, then run off the stage like a freakin’ 7 year old or some sh*t.
    Um…injure up? smh *activate edit feature*

    and LOL @ run off the stage like a freakin 7 yr old

  • what!what! top 10

    Things that make you go hmmmm…….

  • jb_1030

    Now that was funny. She could barely hold the stand and got the nerve to try to throw it. I would be sueing everyone even her sister just because the girl has had to live in her shadow and doing shit like this to try to get her name out there.


    Solange is fully retarded

  • About it

    This nonsense will stop when the insurance companies refuse to underwrite this nonsense.

  • Joline

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  • http://bossip Shaunie27

    I didn’t mean to hit you there??? Bitch throw me some of beyonce’s money!!! Not a half ass apology!!!

  • Certain

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. LMAO. HAhAHAhA. LOL @ her running off stage… they didn’t know it was her.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    She ran off like the dude on friday when he got his chain took………

  • http://bossip demi ta

    she will always walk in beyo shadow. Solange who?

  • Divine

    Poor Solange. She’s mad at the world…
    First, her name is Solange
    Second, her sister is Beyonce…..
    Poor baby.

  • White Devil

    I like her goofiness.

  • Timaliscious

    She is getting to be more and more wack by the moment. No one is buying the whole hood girl act. To thine own self be true (William Shakespeare).

  • me01

    she’s so hungry for attention shes’ going to end up get her *ss whipped – she is NOT NEWS –

  • Regal

    UMMMM…Solange is a talented artist……….

  • The Best

    She is pathetic

  • Indigogg

    I loves me some Solange. Beyonce is worn out.

  • The Foosa

    LOL…thats funny

  • Queen jiggs

    lol didnt mean 2 hit u

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