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According to AATTP reports:

A right wing nitwit by the name of Chris Crockett, a resident of Pennsylvania, really does not like President Obama. This NRA acolyte and Phil Robertson supporter took to the interwebs to vent his frustrations with the President! He wants that “Muslim” dead.

Apparently, Mr. Crockett is lonely (even with his brand new girlfriend, who is most assuredly very proud of her choice in men), and enjoys visits from men in suits, because he chose to join the ranks of Everest Wilhelmsen in his open expressions that President Obama (and his entire family) should cease to exist.

Like Hank the Handyman, Crockett asked for someone in the world to “plz shoot that f**king n*gger president…” Like all racists, Crockett preceded his use of the n-word with an explanation that he is “not racist.” If that’s not enough, he extends his wonderful suggestion that “he should be killed” to include President Obama’s children and “the rest of him (sic) Muslim Family.”

Crockett, alumni of Susquenita High School and employee at The Tile Guy in Elizabethtown, PA, is not the first to go after the President’s children. Earlier this month we reported that right wing groups were passing around photoshopped sexually explicit photos involving the President’s daughter Sasha. Others are demanding not only the President’s “real” birth certificate, but Sasha and Malia’s as well. This disgusting obsession with harming President Obama and his children needs to end. Something needs to be done about these “not racist” would-be John Wilkes Booths…and soon.

This guy is disgusting.

Lock him up and charge him with treason and terrorist activity. Crazy that people would threaten not only our President but his innocent daughters. SMH.




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