People Ain’t Isht: Couple Accused Of Abusing And Beating Their 2-Year-Old Toddler To Death

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Who would bloody and abuse an innocent toddler?

Toddler Found Abused And Beaten Death

If they didn’t want their child, they could have given him up for adopton. No sense in killing a poor baby because they weren’t prepared to be parents.

According to WSB:

Gwinnett County police have charged a mother and her boyfriend with murdering her 2-year-old son.

Even veteran police say this case is hitting them hard. A 2-year-old with bruising and broken bones and no one knows exactly how long it had been occurring. His death has landed his mother and her boyfriend behind bars.

Gwinnett County police said behind the walls of the couple’s home in the Steeple Chase Apartments, the abuse was so bad it killed a 2-year-old boy. Authorities said when they arrived Dec. 16., Aiden Calvo had injuries all over his body and blood spatter was on his bedroom wall.

“Amongst law enforcement, these are the type of cases that really get under your skin,” said Gwinnett Police Cpl. Jake Smith.

The toddler survived six days in the hospital but died Sunday. Police quote an emergency room doctor saying Aiden had “a bruised jaw, bruises on forehead, fractured skull, bleeding nose and stomach. A diaper rash with skin breakdown, possibly from scalding and bleeding on the brain.”

“Essentially it was a head injury that was a life-threatening injury as it turns out,” Smith said.

Gwinnett police first charged mother Elizabeth Calvo and her boyfriend Adam Garber with child cruelty, but the two now face felony murder. Police said Calvo and Garber tried blaming each other, and at times tried to find other reasons Aiden may have been sick.

“The detectives have evidence to suggest that both participated and certainly both participated in the neglect,” Smith said.

The couple told police they had just moved from New York a couple days before they were arrested.

Channel 2 checked with the state Division of Family and Children Services and authorities say they had no prior contact with the family.

They need their azzes whooped and thrown underneath the jail.

Gwinnett County Police

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