For Discussion: Is The Media Wrongfully Blaming Black Teens For Making “The Knockout Game” Popular?

- By Bossip Staff

Is The Media Wrongfully Blaming Black Teenagers For “The Knockout Game?”

A few months ago, multiple reports began rolling in about a new “popular” street trend known as “The Knockout Game,” in which young people attempt to knock out random strangers with a single punch.

As reports of the “knockout” incidents continued to increase, much of the mainstream media quickly pointed the finger at inner-city minority youth as the primary perpetrators of the new “game” that has even turned deadly in one instance, with two teenage boys sentenced to over a year in prison as a result.

However, there have also been more than a few less-publicized “knockout game” incidents involving non-minorities. Two of which being the woman who lied to police about being the victim of a knockout game attack by a group of black thugs when it was later revealed to be a cover-up story for her abusive husband, and the recent arrest of a racist white man who admittedly went in search of a vulnerable African-American person to attack while playing the game, resulting in the severe injury of a 76-year-old black man.

Both of these incidents, along with others that are sure to surface, beg the question of whether or not inner-city minority youth should really be bearing the burden of the blame for the growing popularity of “the knockout game.” Do you think the media is misplacing the blame on young black teens, Bossip fam? Let’s discuss.


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