Go Away: The Biggest Attention Slores Of 2013

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Biggest Slores Of 2013

Slores. Can’t live with them. Can’t avoid them. They’re all over the place and there’s nothing we can do about it. 2013 was all about slores and here are the biggest ones of all.

chad ochocinco 240111

OchoCinco – He put up pics of himself kissing the TV with Evelyn and everything.


Wale – He’s been throwing temper tantrums all year and calling Complex to freak out didn’t help.

keyshia happy

Keyshia Cole – She started the year by clowning Destiny’s Child and kept up with the slore-y tweets since.


Tila Tequila – She’s a Nazi now. So, yeah.


Miley Cyrus – She’s the worst kind of slore…and she looks like a damn fool.

Chris Brown shows his Funny Side at Holiday Toy Drive

Chris Brown – The guy needs an intervention for real.

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    Gucci Mane – He blasted everyone on twitter then blamed it on drugs then went to jail. That about settles it.


    Kardashians – They’re on the list every year.

    Gagafeat copy

    Lady Gaga – Her outfits and publicity stunts are just too damn much.

    Photo: Instagram

    Photo: Instagram

    Kanye West – Sadly…Yeezy takes the cake. The interviews, the rants and the Confederate flag were all part of it.

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