Tyrese To Cough Up The Stacks

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The judge squashed Tyrese’s deadbeat steez:

Tyrese Gibson must hand over $65,000 to his estranged wife Norma as a divorce settlement, a judge has ruled. The former model filed for divorce from Norma in January, citing irreconcilable differences following 10 months of marriage. Norma challenged Gibson’s petition and accused him of being a bad father to their two year old daughter Shayla.
She also requested a judge grant her some financial compensation, even though the union was so brief, because “(Gibson) earned roughly $800,000 during the 10 months of marriage”. On Monday a U.S. judge made a temporary ruling in her favour – making Gibson pay $6,230 a month in support, $2,730 to cover her rent, and a further $800 towards her car payments.

Norma ’bout to get paid, but it’s a shame a third party had to come in to show his simple ass how to take care of his own.


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  • kahmmillion

    Hope you learn your lesson Tyrese. Leave them thirsty birds alone and find yourself a real woman who actually has a job and isn’t lookingn to you with her hands out.

  • kahmmillion

    Child support is not a career opportunity ladies….

  • kahmmillion

    It’s a damn shame that a man has to pay for all this shit for a trick. That bitch should have been able to stand on her own two damn feet with or without Tyrese. Thirsty ass birds make me sick!! SMDH

  • betty

    He is playful,right? he is a hot member of the celeb dating club ____Millionaire Romances com______ .he has dated several hot girls on that club.

  • Luv-Lee

    @ kahmmillion You know what, I understand what you are saying 100%, gold digging is NOT cute. But at the same time I feel like Tyrese got what he deserved. How dare you (Tyrese) propose marriage, which is supposed to be FOREVER, and then just give up after 10 MONTHS??? She left everything she knew for him, and had his baby just so he can up and leave because his selfish ass wasnt committed to the marriage?? Its like people forgot what marriage is all about. You are making a vow to GOD!!! How are you gonna break a promise to the FATHER??

  • Eryca K

    If their daughter is 2 that means that his wife was with him long enough to know his personalilty type so I agree with kahmmillion, that chick was definitely all about the Benjamins.

  • Ermy Erm


  • kahmmillion

    @ Luv-Lee

    Yeah, he wrong for leaving her that soon. But, she dumb for leaving all that she knows for a man. She was more than happy to do that especially being that he has money. If that was a broke man, I bet you she would have stayed her ass right where she was at.

    Yeah, I agree that he needs to take care of his baby ONLY his baby. Not a grown ass woman. I have a son and tricks like this make me sick.

  • DayShifter

    We don’t know what really happened, you can’t take that stand unless you were there.

    And you wonder why Brothers don’t want to commit, seems like as soon as you say “I Do” the whole script changes.

    I heard someone say, women marry men in hopes they will change, and they never do. Men marry women in hopes they will never change, and they always do.

    They need to stop basing child support on income, and people need to start handling their business, the whole sh*it about the other spouse having to keep up the other level of living after a split is crazy….. What’s the point of getting married?!?

  • Larosa

    Man always try to run away from their responsibilities, GET PAID Norma, take his ass to the cleaners

  • pm

    let her have her money, her goldiggers expiration date is up and she has a kid now..”used goods” she will spend her life searching for another mealticket with no luck and die single,lonely and bitter..Hope it was worth it.

  • jaysblazin

    Say it ain’t so T-Baby.. I love you. I would have had your baby and want nothing in return. I’m young, cute,I have my own house, own car and a faily decent job 35,000 a year(10 years this August.) You should have known better. Y marry some chick named NORMA, my name says it all!

  • ms meca

    wait so he paid basically 10,000 a month for rent cars notes and child support… its cheaper to keep her.. na doe i think its ridiculous that the courts say you have to help the other person maintain their lifestyle that b.s …. make ya not wana get married

  • Luv-Lee

    @ DayShifter
    Yeah thats true. I dont know the whole story. From what I do know, he was the one who filed for divorce. Not her. Which shows that she wanted to stay in the marrige. He was the one who walked away from the committment. Its not like he was claiming infedelity, which is the ONLY reason God permitts divorce. He chose irreconcilable differences. Which probably meant that his wife wanted him to be a better husband, and a better father to their child. When Tyrese felt like she was asking too much of him, he had enough and he bolted. He didnt respect her.

  • kahmmillion

    @ ms meca

    You know that’s why a lot of females end up getting killed. Why should a man have to keep her up for real. Lazy ass women I tell you.

  • kahmmillion

    @ Luv-Lee

    How can a man really say he respects a woman when she is all about the paper? What happened to school? They could have afford a sitter for her to go to school so that if God for bids, he leaves her, she can take care of herself.

    No –

    Why would so go that route, when she can live off of a man.

    A woman that can’t bring anything to the table except her looks is not worth being respected.

  • ms meca


    yeah thats one of the dumbest things te courts could have came up with.. you know what else i think is dumb.. when the man has been wrongfully payin child support and the courts say well because you’ve been doin it all this time you still have to in the best interest in the child… thats the problem sum women will try to get over on men and like you said thats why they come up dead. trying to get rich off of their child

  • Luv-Lee

    @ kahmmillion
    LOL!!! You got a point. Im sure she would have been a little more hesitant to drop everything she knew for a broke nigga. But She probably felt like she was in her own Cinderella story and Trese was going to take care of her. I guess she relied on him way too much without having a back up plan. But you know how it is when you fall in love. You dont see the bad times that may come. Your’re stuck in the moment. And I read somewhere that is actually a scientific fact that love makes you kinda dumb. LOL!!!

  • http://en.gravatar.com/accounts/activate/trill1976%40gmail.com/73171c11b9 Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Married To My Money)

    Aint no sad violins for this nigga Tyrese, the chick aint have no career when he met her, so now she supposed to get a job and leave his paper alone…LOL Dumb azz nigga!

  • Luv-Lee

    @ kahmmillion
    Ouch!!! Well I guess she got what she deserved then. She shoulda been more independent.

  • ms meca

    I always said i wouldnt want to be famous its too much spotlight and stress on your relationship… my boyfriend is a basketball player and even if he goes to the pro i would still invest in soemthing for my self so i can also have my income because you can get dropped at anytime

  • dlux

    Tyrese got off easy – he laughing. All she gets is 60 something thousand. His car cost more than that. He’s slick – he realized that the relationship wasn’t going to work and he got out quick before it cost him too much money.- smart. Plus I bet she was the problem in the marriage. Most divorces are filed by women – so if the man files – you know he was driven to do it – she must be a head case.

  • The missus

    People should always know what they are talking about. Tyrese was voluntarily giving her 5,000 a month plus paying the rent and car note. She signed a prenup so she wasn’t entitled to anything. She should have made sure she handled her citizenship status. she crazy claiming 5,000 a month with no rent or car note can’t take care of a toddler.

  • ms meca



  • kahmmillion

    @ ms meca

    You know what’s really bad…in some states, a man that’s married to a woman and she cheats on him and have a baby outside of the marriage is made to take care of the other man’s child.

    The other thing is when the chick wrongfully accuse the guy of being the bad, he pays some child support and then decides to take a paternity test and the Court tells him that he can’t get his money back. What the hell is that?

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