Knock It Off! 13 Words And Trends From 2013 That We Don’t Want To See In 2014

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Hit the road, Jack, and don’tcha come back no mo‘!

2013 is finally coming to a close, and it has been a VERY trying year to say the least. Pop culture has been overrun with suspect shenanigans, moronic selfies are being snapped at an all-time high, dancing fat children are bonafide celebs, and lots and lots and lots of leather.

We have compiled a list of things that we wouldn’t miss if they never reared their ugly heads in 2014.

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Let’s just be honest about this, no one wants WOMEN to stop gyrating their round rear-ends, but 2013 saw such a spike in twerk activity that even Nick Cannon had to pop that. Need we say more..?

Kanye’s buzz words “Marginalize, “Genius”, and the name-dropping of people we’ve never heard of before

It got to the point where every Kanye West interview sounded EXACTLY the same, like he was reading from a script! Hedi Slimane and his tight jeans don’t respect you, WE GET IT ALREADY!


If it isn’t on a jacket or on the seat of your car, just leave it alone.


His celebrity grew far beyond what his cousin could have ever imagined when he posted the lil chubby lumpkins first Vine video. Now when we look at Terio, all we see is sadness in his eyes. Get him in the gym and in the classroom!

Jordan hypebeasts

More than a decade after MJ hung up his (in)famous sneakers, kids who never even saw him play are still getting beaten and shot over a new pair of his old kicks. The foolishness has to stop.

Struggle plate pics

That. Isht. Looks. Gross.

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    Bathroom selfies

    If you’re in love with yourself that much you might as well buy a full-length mirror and set up a photo studio in your house, but for the love of Instagram Jesus STOP TAKING PICTURES IN YOUR DIRTY BATHROOM!


    Unless you wanna end up on the receiving end of Rick Ross’ man meat, we HIGHLY suggest you leave these babies alone.

    Deleted Tweets

    Say it with your chest, or don’t say it at all.

    Reality TV spin-offs

    We REALLY don’t need to see any more of you than we already do. Besides, you’re not that interesting to watch as a solo act.

    Fake lesbians

    Unless they using strap-…well, you know how the song goes.


    Aside from the fact that the show has reached it’s maximum potential to shock us, it’s just downright rude.


    Go sit yo’ dumb azz down somewhere!

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