Miley Cyrus Rumored Bisexual, Friends Say She's Been Experimenting

Let’s Be Honest: Has Attention Slore Miley Cyrus Been Licking The Bizzox??? [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Surprise surprise. Guess being naked at all times, twerking and swirling it up aren’t getting her enough attention. The latest rumor about the young pop starlet is that she’s been getting loving from other ladies!

Via Mail Online reports:

From her aggressive twerking to her overtly revealing outfits, Miley Cyrus has well and truly recast herself as a bad girl.

But behind closed doors it appears the former Disney star’s private life is even wilder than her public image.

New reports claim that Miley has been ‘experimenting with women’ and is ‘definitely bisexual’.

According to Life & Style magazine, Miley has embarked on a mission to explore her sexuality following her split from fiance Liam Hemsworth in September.

‘She’s been experimenting with women and even brags that she’s had threesomes,’ an insider close to the star told the U.S. publication.

Miley was only recently linked to actor Kellan Lutz, and prior to that to her producer, Mike WILL Made It.

However a second source told the magazine that the 21-year-old has not limited her romantic pool.

The source said Miley ‘is definitely bisexual. She has women over to her house all the time and hooks up with them.

‘Lately she is more interested in women than men. She was completely brokenhearted after Liam and is kind of over men for the time being.

At the opening night of Spears’ Vegas residency she twerked with two scantily clad dancers before pulling one towards her for the kiss, which was caught on video.

Miley also tweeted a picture last week of herself kissing English model Cara Delevingne, writing: ”LOVE!!!!! We finally got the filmed developed Mush!’

A rainbow symbol was pasted over the photo.

Despite her apparent desire to embrace an edgy new image, there are said to be some aspects of her life that Miley is not so keen to publicize.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman came out and said she has hooked up with her soon.’

But despite the reports, Miley certainly didn’t seem to be hiding her behavior as she shared a kiss with a backing dancer at Britney Spears’ concert on Friday.

‘Engaging in bad behavior in front of people the way Miley does is like playing Russian roulette,’ an insider told Life & Style.

‘It’s just a matter of time before one of her so-called friends attempts to sell her out.’

Check out some suspect photos of the singer and the video footage from Britney’s video below and weigh in on whether you think she loves the ladies for real or not:




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