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Jamie Foxx
let his feelings be known about Ike & Tina 2.0:

Jamie Foxx said there is no excuse for hitting a woman when asked about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s situation:

“No man should ever put his hands on you. No man should ever touch you, I don’t care if he’s 8-years-old on the preschool/play school ground (or) 100 years old, it doesn’t matter.”

Amen. Short, sweet and to the point. No excuses.


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  • Joline

    His photos were seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young pretty …, maybe you also have the chance to date with a rich beauty there. Come on.

  • Erica


  • cala

    For the news of Rihanna gave Chris herpes, the new subscribers on a HERPES dating site called ” ==== Herpes loving com ===== have increased 3% over last month.

  • Lady Architect


  • bronzedasian

    it doesnt matter and now they got back together..can we please leave the drama alone!

  • Philly

    @ bronzedasian
    if it doesnt matter, why are you psting about it?????

    shut up & YOU move on


  • About it

    Jaimie made it his point straight. all jokes aside, you have to admit Jaimie is Black Hollywood “royalty” sort of speak; those ficks stick together. Has Chris and to a certain extent, RiRi now relegated themselves to the low-end, hip-hop gutter, never to rise out and always underfoot to something like Diddy and Jay-Z? Y’all feel me?

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    WHy does Jamie look Orange? Is he the new munckin? but he can still get it.

  • RE RE

    I love Jamie.

  • Peenut

    Sorry Jamie but if its a situation wher she tryna kill a nigga, if its between me and her, im takin her out so theres a legit reason for beating a woman

  • Teeza

    I concur with Mr. Foxx..

  • Teeza

    @ Nique, LOL…too funny! You have officially won laugh of the day..

  • TheGoodGood

    Jamie Foxx can be straight up because he’s at the top of the top. He’s an Oscar winner and a grown ass man and he’s also a comedian so you know he’ll put anyone on blast.

    These other fools are scared if they piss off Rihanna and Chris Brown they’ll not get that guest spot on their single, they’re weak and can’t speak out..

    Someone like Jamie on the other hand is good, just like Jay-Z he doesn’t need the teeny bopper Feature to stay relevant so there is no deterrant to speaking out against this mess.

  • jade

    Preach jamie

  • Ermy Erm

    DAYUM STR8 JAMIE. Tired of ppl sayin it was ok cuz it was her fault. No dayum way he shoulda hit her like that. and if it was a mutual case of she hit him, where the hell are his bruises and why wasnt he in the hospital? gtfoh
    Peenut said…

    Sorry Jamie but if its a situation wher she tryna kill a nigga, if its between me and her, im takin her out so theres a legit reason for beating a woman
    In such case as SELF DEFENSE where she is going to KILL the man or TRYING to, that is a different story. AND even if a woman IS tryin to kill a man, why BEAT her? Just get her ass off of you long enough so that you can get the hell out there and call the cops so she can spend her life in jail for attempted murder. Chris neva said nothin about her tryin to kill him.



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  • fee

    I LOVE JAMIE!!!!

  • Philly

    jaime fox has a TEEN daughter, so he’s not afraid to speak out.

  • https://bossip.com/88877/quote-of-the-day-168/#comments Gab

    8 year old boys ain’t men!!let’s not get it twisted. Regardless of our disdain for violence – it’ll occur sometimes – it’s the human condition – to pretend otherwise is disingenuous.
    I am more interested in Chrissy being a better man from now on not perverse judging of people that makes him a criminal for life yet idolize crips & blood!!

  • cybercybil

    Not a Jamie fan, but he came correct and to the point. kudos.

  • kahmmillion

    Jamie needs to shut his orange ass up.

  • deafjam04

    @ kahmmillion


  • Vibegirl

    Well nobody better put their hands on my niece or nephews. I don’t care. As for Jamie fox, he needs to learn how to respect women himself. Look at his video’s. Women don’t listen to that. That’s the problem with this world. Women think they can’t beat a man upside he’s head and get away with it. Then if a man hits her back defending himself, then that’s a no no. Women will get themselves killed. Now I don’t agree with anyone using anyone as a punching bag. I feel sorry for those people. That’s real abuse. But if you are hitting someone and they haven’t done anything to you, what gives you that right to do that? What gives me the right to hit a man knowing that I can get away with it cause the world will view him as a women beater if he hits me back? What gives me the right to hit anyone and they haven’t done anything to me? Thats not fair. I don’t agree with a man hitting a woman and I don’t agree with a woman hitting a man. Both are being violent. I think we should teach young people that its not right on either side to put your hands on someone. Violence is violence and nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone. People keep your hands to yourself period!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/thoro718619 Be Easy

    ……and there you have it

  • Huh?

    Finally Jamie Fox says something I agree with. I think whether it’s a man or woman hitting someone the person being abused should call the police and send that person to jail and leave that person and never look back.

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