Jesus Take The Wheel

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Poor thang. SMH at “Heavy Vee”.

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  • Royal Chocolate

    Oh no!!!!

  • Miss_MissydaCrunksta

    I didn’t know ReRun had a daughter!

  • PaigeyWaigey


  • nay




  • The Game

    She don’t needa hook, she needs a diet!

  • Cadem

    Ya’ll don’t hate; she’s killing dem’ (lol).

  • TT

    EVIL KNIEVEL DIES!!!!! I wonder Kanye will attend the funeral??

  • Just Stop

    She is better in delivery than half the female rappers today. She needs a new stylist, but I think she did a great job. Try to encourage people more instead of hating all of the time. It will actually make you feel better.

  • scorpio

    NO!! stop the madness.

  • TT

    Did she said she had a matchin Gucci bag? Where is it at…@ least for video

    What she needs its a membership pass to the Y!!

  • StarBaby

    PAIGEYWAIGEY what’s up girl!!!

    She don’t need a hook!! LOL!! Naw, she did pretty good. She wasn’t scared to deliver and she was jumping around and having fun. I agree with whoever said she needs a stylist and she will be on her way. I need to hear the song again to catch everything she was talking about…but the video made me laugh.

  • StarBaby

    LOL @ the previous comments. Yall are funny…

  • Jus Another Opinion

    I can’t diss o’l girl cause I am the main one on here who talks about not feeding into the hollywierd standard of beauty. With that said I enjoyed the video, she can dance way better than me and I am half her size. I don’t see why her size is even an issue, we had Biggie RIP, Sean Kingston, Jay-z and his man titties, Bone Crusher and more.. Give o’l a break, why cause I don’t need a

  • Moomoo

    all i can say is this ish is coontabulous! ol girl needs to fall back from the buffet STAT. smh @ her sayin she ‘thick’. yo azz is fat girl don’t play

  • cutie pie

    WoW! This is all I can say

  • NubianGoddez

    I thought she was good, that video was funny as hell, I remember in Jamaica wayyyyyyyyy back in the day if chicks were not 400lbs and over you were not considered hot, you would see the biggest chicks with the skinniest dudes and he would get dap from other dudes calling him the champion for handleing all that woman. yeah she’s big but I like her flow and she had fun with it.

  • I Stay SMH

    SHYYYYYYYD Ole girl is MOVIN, I Tell ya!

  • Dining Diva

    Her hair was driving me nuts, but other than that, I thought she did a great job also. I agree with the others who said that we’ve been brainwashed to believe that everyone should be thin and damn near white. Well, at least she’s getting a lot of exposure, and that’s what really matters.

  • Dimples971

    at lest she can rap and dance so i give her props for that!!!!

  • di-my-e

    She has a nice delivery, and props to her for dancing around. She would benefit from the services of a stylist, AND a support bra.

  • MARV

    its not the fact of being thin itis a health issue she is dam too big she should lose some weight and we have to be realistic. the video its mad un but she its too big……. im sure she went to Mc Donald after the video shot.

  • reality

    Whew!! I’m outta bref..somebody get me a milkshake!

  • CCC

    have she met jenny yet?

  • me

    she needs a new stylist that can find more size-flattering clothing.

  • Mya

    did she just say she is the ‘troof wen i spit up in da boof’? WTF? I see minstrilism is alive and well…sigh

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