3 People Questioned in Sean Taylor Murder

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3 people were questioned by one-time in Miami today over the murder of Sean Taylor:

Earlier, detectives detained two teenagers and a man in his 20s in Lee County for questioning in the death, and cops have identified two others in connection with the case, although no one has been charged. Investigators believe some of the young men had been to Taylor’s house recently for a birthday party and that may have set the stage for the subsequent decision to break into the home of the National Football League star.The suspects include 17- and 18-year-olds and a 21-year-old. All hail from the Fort Myers area.

The former University of Miami star was not supposed to be home at the time of the break-in. While the Redskins played in Tampa, he had come home to get a second medical opinion on his injured knee.

Taylor’s girlfriend, Jacki Garcia, and his family have been camped around his crib this week.

Update: Here are some pictures of the suspects:


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  • finally16nluvinit

    wow,thy r yung.i stil think its messed up how he died

  • StarBaby

    RIP Sean Taylor.

  • amber

    is dat his wife?

  • http://myspace.com/thagrindaholic BLUNTBLAZER









    He was a damn good player.

    i love…’Snickers’

    I read on Yahoo sports that the guy that set-up the alarm system was bragging about the house and that’s how the “suspects” found out about it……


    I heard about that too. stupid asses. Runnin they mouths. I hope those are the ones that did it so his family can properly put this madness behind them.



    DR. WEST

    EVIL K

  • Black Man

    That’s his high school sweetheart of 7 years and his baby mama.

  • Observatrice

    I don’t mean to be contrary, but it all seems to a little too easy for me — like they are just plling in local hoodlums before the funeral. I still think there is a much bigger story (set up) here. What does the press mean that he wasn’t supposed to be home? If it is a home invasion, they don’t care if you are home or not. Why were the phone lines cut? If he felt he was in danger, why was the security system off — or did someone turn it off and he didn’t know? If they wanted to just rob the place, when they found out he was there, why didn’t they just leave and come back? Someone had entered the house previously and left a calling card of a knife and didn’t wait for him to come home. Why didn’t they also kill the girlfriend? They usually do if they bust in on people — they at least tie them up. Why didn’t they rob the house after they shot him and hold a gun on the girlfriend? It just doesn’t add up, and it is very very tragic and sad.

  • thay

    teenagers? no way!


    once again one of our young black men and once again a white looking women,,Why do they feel inorder to make it they must have whitie by their side and not a black women.dont think she did not feel that he would make it someday and she made sure she was the one,,to bad he did not marry her,,but i guess the paper’s are in order and she get’s paid for our men will take care of these white women before taking care of someone that looks like him or his mother.So but i still feel our black men need to see the wonderful black women and stop thinking they have made once they have these white women

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I’m glad they got suspects. This morning I was like darn, why can’t shows like CSI Miami be real. Horatio and team would have “been had” this thing solved.

  • squomp


    u said it b 4 i could type it.



    I got your back


    @ i love…’Snickers’

    Thank you

  • Esaul

    She is white. Stop calling her “latina” because that is not an ethnicity.

    I can’t care less if his fiancee is white, black, mulata or skimo. But she is obviuosly white.

  • lovely lady

    A man has passed away and a baby girl is left with out a father! How do you have the nerve to sit there and make comments about him being with a white woman? (she is latino) But whatever she is you have no right! Its dumb people like you that make this world what it is today! some people are smart enough to look past color and see a personm for who they are! You must not know how to do that you seem like a very shallow person just by that DUMB statement! Let a white person speak one wrong thing about race and its the end of the world but yet you can say stuff like that I think it’s about the same… And by the way I KNOW white women dont get with BLACK men because they think they could one day be famous football! RIP SEAN!!!! We should be honoring this man and showing his family WHITE GIRL and all how much we care!!! I will pray for you b/c your judgement day will come!!!!!

  • squomp

    @ scorp

    not everyone looks at skin color, you know. as was said before, he had been with this woman before he was drafted, and before he got to college. while it is possible that she saw that he would “make it”.. who really knows?

    of course, this comes from someone who ONLY dated black women so….

  • Maveen

    I agree it is none of SCORP and nobody else’s damn business. A black man can have whatever and whomever he wants in this world and I am sick and tired of people telling them who they have to play house with. People are free to do what they want and as a secure black woman, I say go on Black man there are no strings on you and no amount of whining and fussing from either white or blacks will make a difference. I just wish the man who was bragging about what Sean had would have shut his damn mouth, now look what his bragging lead to. More young black men killing a successful brother to get at what he worked so hard for. R I P, young Mr. Taylor.

  • lovely lady


  • lovely lady

    I am very sad for Sean’s family But I really believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason… We may not know what that reason is at the time but it all works out we will all miss Sean very much (My Husband and Sean grew up together) Gad has a plan….. Just keep prayin…..

  • curtis

    like the earlier comment said, i just wish black people in this country would stop putting strings and limitations on black men and what they do. leave them alone dammit!! and let them love and not love who they choose. pe

  • Helicopta

    He will be missed.

  • Reggie Bush

    Jacki Garcia is a STRONG LATINO WOMAN for standing by her BLACK MAN when he didn’t have nothing. Black B!TCHES wouldn’t do that for nothing at all.

    The Real Reggie Bush

    P.S. Jacki Garcia then give her secret of how she stayed in a relationship with a black man for 7 years to you BLACK B!TCHES.

  • Observatrice

    Why did they cut the phones if he wasn’t supposed to be home? If someone bragged about his crib, what did that have to do with the previous break-in? The alarm system was off, if it wasn’t they would have to disable it and if they were that fierce to do that, then they would have killed him and robbed him, but they just killed him — b/c IMHO, THEY WEREN’T THERE TO ROB HIM. If he flew in the day before, don’t u think the people watching the house would know? I am not believing this story. A teenager and two men in their 20s. There is something not adding up here. His family deserves a better answer.

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu

    I hope they catch them fools. Also, some of you cats have absolutely no respect. None.


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  • DM

    Those Mexicans are camping around because they want some money.

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