Racist Or Nah? Black Employee Who Called His Co-Worker ‘King Kong’ Says – “It Can’t Be Racism When I’m Black Too!”

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This guys says black people can’t be racist against their own…do you agree?

Black Crossing Guard Suspended For Calling Co-worker King Kong

A well-known African-American crossing guard in London is under fire and currently suspended with pay after her referred to one of his fellow black co-workers as “King Kong,” but he says it wasn’t a racist statement because he’s black also.

via The Express

Awarding-winning crossing guard, Jon Seymour, was sent home by Camden Council after he likened one of its black staff to the giant movie ape during a row.

The Trinidad born man, who has worked at Carlton Primary School, in Kentish Town, north London for 20 years, use the term at Camden Town Hall.

“I wanted to say something to him because he was being rude to me. I said, ‘You are angry like King Kong.’ It wasn’t racist,” he explained.

“How can a black man be racist to another black man? It doesn’t make sense.”

Mr Seymour is suspended on full pay and awaiting a decision from the council about his future.

It’s no secret that people of all races can also be hateful and prejudice towards their own, so we’re not sure where Mr. Seymour got the idea that black people can’t be racist against other black people. Do you agree with his statement, Bossip fam? Let’s discuss.

Photo Credit: The Express

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