SMH: Car Towed With Sleeping 4-Year-Old In Backseat After Mom Illegally Parks At Apartment Complex

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Somebody’s azz is getting fired.

Car Towed With Sleeping Toddler In Backseat

This is ridiculous.

According to KHOU:

A mom says her car was towed from a northeast Harris County apartment complex all while her daughter slept inside.

It happened Monday night at the Haverstock Hill Apartments on Aldine Bender Road.

According to the sheriff’s office, the woman pulled in front of the apartments and parked briefly to pick up another child from her relative’s home. While she was inside, a tow truck arrived and removed the vehicle.

“Some wrecker truck people came and towed my car with my little girl in the back seat, and I was trying to get my other baby,” said mom Brandy Taylor. “They left with it.”

After seeing her car was gone, Taylor said she quickly dialed 911.
The sheriff’s office contacted the towing company to track down the truck with the mother’s vehicle.

The wrecker was located just a few miles away, and the driver came to a stop to wait for deputies. He said he took photos of the vehicle before removing it from the lot, but he didn’t look inside and didn’t know the girl was in the car.

The little girl was unharmed and in fact slept through the entire ordeal.

Residents at the complex used the event to vent frustrations about parking restrictions at the complex.

The lot where the mother parked had several signs warning about towing enforcement, and those who live at the complex say towings are not uncommon.

It was wrong for the mom to leave her sleeping child in the car unattended, but how could the tow truck driver neglect to look in the backseat?


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