.Beanie Sigel Says Gun Violence Is An Epidemic (MTV News)

Post by Royda

Beanie Sigel says he has a “helluva story” that will be told through his new album. Sigel first spoke to the press today after being shot in the arm a few weeks back. Sigel declined to comment on the shooting which is still under investigation, but he still had an important point he wanted to make.

“Look at life,” Beanie said. “Take all the rappers out of the equation and look at your local news wherever you at. Don’t look at rappers like, ‘Why is this happening to rappers?’ This is happening to 13-year-old kids, 15 year-old kids. … This is what’s happening in the streets. That’s what’s happening in every neighborhood. I don’t care if you from Detroit, Philly, Atlanta — it’s out there. It’s epidemic. … Our situation is sensitive. It gets blown up because we’re on TV.”

I say preach Beanie because we all know how the media likes to make personal attacks on the hip hop community and label us “gangstas” after an outbreak of violence. So I give Sigel two thumbs up, we need more artists to speak up on behalf of our people.



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