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Poor K.Mart!

K.Michelle Says The Media Bashed Her

Singer and reality star K.Michelle recently penned an open letter to her fans in which she threw the deuces to 2013, and called out her many media haters via Instagram:

What a year I had. The overexposed Coochie pic, the constant media bashing, the very obvious shade throwing towards me, winning best new artist at the soul Train awards, #1 R&B album, to V.S.O.P hitting #4 on the charts! SHEESH I thought I couldn’t get any stronger but this year made me a beast! It was me against the world and I made it. I didn’t always handle things right, but I handled them MY WAY. Always honest and straight 2the point. I thank my Rebels 4 being my backbone, y’all fight hard 4me EVERYDAY. I love you. People can say what they want about me, and never give me the accolades I deserve, but they can never take away my gift. It’s even scary to me my ability to connect with so many strong people and broken hearts. I shook this industry up,They can stay mad, cuz to them I’m not supposed to be here right now. But I kept my middle fingers held high and focused on HEARTS not the CHARTS Atlantic Records and MBK have smothered me with love. Love I didn’t even have for myself. Who would’ve thought this little country girl that everybody counted out would make it this far. I’m not class favorite, never wanted to be, but I am the REALEST. You don’t have to like me, But YOU WILL RESPECT MY GIFT. My music I like this woman I have become. My momma prayed for me, and my God saved me. He is worth of all my praise!

t’s better for the media to talk about you than say nothing at all Michelle. We know you know that…




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