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Ursher has back-pedaled from the recent comments he made concerning the Chrihanna ordeal and has apologized:

R&B star USHER has apologized for reportedly urging CHRIS BROWN to show “some remorse” over his alleged fight with RIHANNA – accusing the media of taking his comments out of context.
The Yeah! singer was filmed looking at recent photos of Brown frolicking on a jet ski in Florida in a video for Jermaine Dupri’s Living the Life series.
Usher was apparently upset that Brown appears to be having fun less than a month after the reported altercation with girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles.
He remarked, “I’m a little disappointed in this photo. After the other photo (of Rihanna’s bruised face)!
“C’mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man’s on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?”
But Usher insists he didn’t mean to cause any offense.
A statement from the star reads,
“The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved.”
Brown was charged with making criminal threats following the incident on 8 February (09) and is to be arraigned on Thursday (05Mar09).

It’s extremely hard to take some sh*t out of context and blow it out of proportion when it was on camera.  Come on, Usher.

Also, Flo-Rida says he didn’t scrap a track with Breezy over a simple woman bashing session; that’s ridiculous:

Flo Rida denies he’s taking Chris Brown to task in his upcoming album.

The rapper tells exclusively that the rumors that he removed a collaborative track with Brown from his upcoming R.O.O.T.S. album — because of the singer’s publicized altercation with Rihanna –are untrue.

The reports, which have been published on various sites, quote Rida as saying: “I recorded a great song with Chris. But I won’t be releasing it now because of what’s going on with him and Rihanna. It could have been my next No. 1.”

Rida — whose song, “Right Round,” currently tops the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart — tells Us he never said that.

“I think someone must have got it twisted,” Rida says. “The thing was, we have deadlines to meet and between his business and my business, things were — we had to turn an album, so I had to really get everything together.”

Rida says that the track, “Sweat,” wasn’t even the only song cut from his upcoming album.

“It’s not just that record, there were other records that couldn’t make the album that I wanted to make the album as well, but that was the process — this was way before me ever hearing anything about [Brown allegedly beating Rihanna]. This was way before, at least a month. I had been done with this record.”

Would he ever work with Brown in the future?

“He’s a talented artist, so I looked forward to working with him,” he tells Us. “And I thought it was a hot song.”

Chris Brown’s career sure is taking a pummeling.  Oh, the irony.

Pics below.

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  • DivaMe

    I can care less about any Chris and RHi story!

  • betty

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  • the_one

    I want to see the video now, damn, any other links to that video. Rihanna is a loser and so is C. Brown. The belong together. AKA Ike and Tina, but Tina finally left.

  • Illy

    C.Mili somewhere wondering where is her apology.

  • cala

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  • GGooDie

    This sounds like a bottle of soggy nutz.

    Let this shit go…damn!

  • Honeycream

    posters beat that bitch and wifey down yesterday, of course he apologized…lol

  • DayShifter

    I knew he was going to do that…. Punk Suckers, they knew it was wrong when they said it.

    But as for C.Milli, they meant every word!! LOL!!

  • kay28


  • kahmmillion

    Boy, why these ppl in Hollywood can’t say what they mean and back it up? They always saying shit and then when their PR ppl tell them to take it back they have to even when they mean it. SMDH

  • Tasha31

    Exactly right, they were on that a$$ like white on rice you knew that apology was coming sooner than later! He should have kept his mouth shut in the first place. Yes, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions but they ALL took that mess to far and being Usher has his OWN issues he shouldnt be throwin stones cause now he looks like a dumb a$$ for having to apologize as 50 Cent did when he made that dumb a$$ video then had to take it back after he saw the pic of Ri’s face. People need to do better geez!!

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    @ Carla and Betty

    You two should hook up. maybe you can find a MIllionare with Herpes.

    So why is everyone so scared to keep the comments they said. Jamie Fox ain’t scared. Rida is a dick rida. And Usher better keep a leash on his Cougar wife before she heads back out into the sunset looking for Dr. 90210.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


  • Lady Architect

    hmmm so Usher really does read Bossip I see. He must have seen all of the posters getting at him…lol. Usher knew what he was saying and said it for the cameras. It’s obvious the pr people told him to take it back if he plans to continue his career.

  • Nisha

    Check out

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    What is C. Milli thinking? I wonder if the Dream is going to come at Ursher?

  • The Cheese on Amy Winehouse's teeth

    Yeah Usher tried to take those comments back because people were going hard on him and his husband. Especially about Christina Milian, Usher your wife dreams and wishes she looked like Christina but sorry shes stuck with lookin like Michael Clark Duncan.

    Johnata (however you spell his gay ass name) needs to stfu he had 3 failed singles and has been trying to put a record out since the L.A. riots

    Jermaine Durpri, the kebler elf called and he wants his swag back.

    Bryan Michael COCK, he needs to stfu looking like e.t.

  • The Cheese on Amy Winehouse's teeth

    and they just mad cus the DREAM is running the writing/producing game right now, and Chris Brown has been shitting on Usher with his washed up ass!

  • Kelly Matters


  • Luv-Lee

    LOL!!! @ Illy. I know, right!! I thought that’s why they took off the video. Because of how everyone was jumping on Usher’s wife. Its crazy because Usher didnt really say anything about Christina Millian. It was mainly that Johnta guy talking the most shit. B Cox had a few words too. It’s just the fact that Usher was looking at her picture all crazy and laughing so hard at everyone’s jokes on poor Christina. Then at the same time Usher will stop a show on MTV to tell everyone to stop making fun of HIS wife. What makes Tameeka more specail and deserving of respect than Christina??? She didnt really deserve that. I think alot of us women may have had a dye job that didnt turn out the greates in everyone elses opinion. It happens!!

  • Good For Them

    You said it now stand behind it.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Before I even read this article I can definately say mainstream media took what he said out of context. Usher threw in a few words here and there in response to Jontae’s antics and they made it seem like Usher made some official statement about the matter. NONE of them showed the actual video or eluded to the fact that the remarks were made jokingly. When I saw the video I thought, “now I see why mainstream media didn’t show this. They wanted to make it seem like Usher was speaking out against Chris when in fact he was making light of the situation but joking and laughing about it.

  • Nigga Said

    Whats wrong with going jet skiing after punching someone in the face. Its not like he punched her in the face an escaped the scene on a jet ski. That was 3 weeks ago.

  • Randy

    Rihanna was wrong to think, that she can cheat on chris brown and come away with it:

  • Anonymous

    @Chrissy…….a little harsh but true.

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