More Than Looks: Men Who Used Great Personalities To Chop Down Dimes

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Men Who Used Their Personalities To Get Hot Women

Celebrity couples, for the most part, are two really hot people getting together for the sake of hotness. But sometimes, men use their personalities to chop down beautiful ladies. Take a look at some men who won.

Jermaine Dupri – She clearly loved his personality enough to have love.

Wiz Khalifa – Amber said she was entranced by his personality and knew she’d give it up early.

Jay Z – Bey always loved his personality and said they spoke on the phone for a year before they dated.

Russell Simmons – Russ had Kimora based off of his ingenuity and hot voice…or something.

Biggie – He got Faith Evans off his pimp game.

Salman Rushdie – He’s chopped down Olivia Wilde. Listen.

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    Marko Jaric – He’s a baller who’s chopped down and wifed Adrianna Lima because life isn’t fair.

    Geoffrey Arend – She loves a man who laughs and he made her laugh so much she gave him the tig ol’ bitties.

    Barack Obama – Not that he was unattractive, but he was broke and Michelle said he was ambitious.

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