Rumor Control: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Did Not Have His Uncle Devoured Alive By Pack Of 120 Starving Dogs

- By Bossip Staff

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un did not cruelly have his uncle fed to a pack of starving dogs after all! Instead, it’s believed he simply had him murdered by firing squad. The dog rumors were started by a Chinese satire website.

According to NY Daily News reports:

The startling story of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un having his uncle devoured by a pack of wild dogs has turned out to be false, according to reports.

The account of the country’s second-in-command Jang Song Thaek, 67, being stripped naked, thrown into a cage and eaten alive by 120 ravenous hounds, circulated throughout major American media last week.

The English media jumped on the story after Chinese outlet Wen Wei Po detailed that Un, along with 300 others, watched the sickening spectacle unfold.

But the story — which experts told the Daily News was perfectly plausible given the country’s horrific history of flouting all basic human rights guidelines — was actually lifted from a Chinese satirist who was poking fun at the notorious North Korean leader on social media, savvy blogger Trevor Powell pointed out.

“I can understand why the media would pick up and run with it,” Suzanne Scholte, chairwoman of the North Korean Freedom Coalition, told The News. “We’re starting to realize they’re capable of so many horrific actions.”

Wen Wei Po copied critic Pyongyang Choi Seongho’s fictional account almost identically in a Dec. 12 article. The Straits Times in Singapore wrote the first English-lanauge account on Dec. 24, prompting an avalanche of mainstream media reports.

Thaek had fallen out of favor in North Korea, with official reports labeling the official “an anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional element” and “despicable human scum” when it reported his Dec. 13 execution.

Thaek — as analysts pointed out at the time — was most likely felled to a firing squad, a more likely cause of his death, Scholte said.

North Koreans that successfully defected recalled unimaginable horror of executions, imprisonment and deplorable conditions, Scholte said.

“It’s an indictment on the conditions in North Korea,” she said. “These stories have been pouring out for years.”

Well… At least he didn’t suffer — as much.

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