FDB! Jeezy Says Child Abuse Accusations Were Fabricated By His Gold-Diggin’ Brainwashin’ Baby Mama In Revenge Plot!

- By Bossip Staff

Rumor control is in FULL effect!

Jeezy Says Baby Mama Is Brainwashing Son To Get More Child Support Money

According to TMZ reports:

Young Jeezy says he did NOT brutalize his son and make terroristic threats against him … and claims the whole thing was a set up by his loathsome, greedy, gold digging baby mama who got him arrested.

Sources connected to Jeezy tell TMZ … the rapper and his 17-year-old son Jadarius did indeed get into a nuclear argument in Sept., 2012, but it never turned really violent. We’re told it started when Jeezy told the teenager he had turned into a punk kid with an attitude and he didn’t want the kid staying at his house.

Our Jeezy sources say Jadarius became belligerent and the two starting screaming at each other. Jeezy claims he never hit, choked, or dragged his son, but admits he shoved him to the ground when Jadarius got in his face.

As for the terroristic threats — Jeezy is accused of telling Jadarius, “I will kill you … I will put a bullet in your head right now” — the rapper claims all he said was something to the effect of, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.”

Our sources claim at the bottom of it all … Tenesha Dykes, whom they say is brainwashing the son against his dad and trying to squeeze every penny she can get from Jeezy.

Children aren’t chess pieces. That said, we still need to hear more details about this “nuclear argument”. Do you think Jeezy put dem paws on his seed??

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