You Saw It Here First: Bold Predictions for 2014

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Predictions are always fun because, whether right or wrong, they give you something to look forward to in the near future.

Here are our bold predictions for 2014. Take a look.

DWade & Gabby won’t make it to June

It’s probably not Dwade’s cheating that’s pushing Gabby away. It’s the fact that he cheated with (and knocked up) a woman who (reportedly) looks like a homely cafeteria lady.

Evelyn & her latest victim Carl Crawford will split

Get married. Suck away Carl’s urge to offer a prenup. Divorce him 11 days later. Blow his millions on doomed cosmetic ventures. Evelyn’s 2014 keys to victory.

Humpback Hov will chill with the struggly rappity-raps

Hov spit pure struggle in 2013 as the Hip-Hop version of Wizard’s era-Michael Jordan. Music legend? No doubt, but it’s time that he go home and watch Blue Ivy while Bey’s at work.

Rick Ross will officially fall off

Did Ricky really believe he could lie in raps, flash his greasy man-boobs and make the same song forever? Probably, which explains his sharp decline in popularity.

Lil’ Kim will stick with her 2013 face

Everyone has their favorite version of Lil Kim’s ever changing face that’s a surgery away from falling smooth off in 2014. Damn shame.

Rihanna will challenge Beyonce for the Pop crown

Queen Bey’s game-changing surprise album fell from the Heavens and challenged everyone to step their music up. Expect Rih-Rih to drop the best album of her career.

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    Kanye will find the answers

    Yeezy is living a life that most would sell their mother’s soul for and STILL miserable but we believe he’ll finally discover the answers he’s been searching for.

    Ci-Error will have the baby she’s (supposedly) not pregnant with

    CiCi’s “mysterious pregnancy” is like her music career: No one really cares but there’s a 51% chance she’ll soon join Future’s League of Extraordinary Baby Mamas.

    Draya will finally delete her Twitter

    Every time the Draya tweets, hundreds of strangers remind her that she’s a deadbeat mother who left her son alone with only wish sandwiches to eat. That’s gotta be stressful.

    Elementary school dropout Terrio will return to class

    He shucked, jived and tap-danced for spicy chicken wings and will soon be just another internet sensation no one cares about anymore.

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