Fair Or Too Far? Single Mother Fired From Hospital Over Autograph From Visiting NFL Player For Her 2-Year-Old Son

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Hospital Employee Fired For Getting NFL Player Autogrpah For Her Toddler

A hospital security card at Baylor Clinic in Texas says she had no idea about the company policy that resulted in her termination after she was immediately fired for getting an autograph from a Houston Texans player for her son.

via KHOU News

A single mother thought she scored big for her 2-year-old son with an autograph from Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The signed piece of paper cost Dhieyla Rogers her job as a security guard at the Baylor Clinic on Cambridge Street. Rogers was on duty at the hospital Wednesday morning when she saw number 80 get off the elevator and walk to the valet.

“I didn’t even ask Andre Johnson directly. I asked his representative,” explained Dhieyla Rogers. “I asked him, ‘Is it okay if I ask Andre Johnson for an autograph for my son?’ He says, verbatim, ‘Sure, but no pictures.’”

Rogers says she quickly spelled her son’s name for Johnson and got the autograph with no problems.

“[My boss said] they want you terminated because per policy, you are not allowed to harass the Texans players when they come here for treatment,” said Rogers

“I’ve never signed or seen a policy that was in effect that said subcontractors or anyone in this building is not allowed to approach an athlete,” said Rogers. Rogers says she had to turn her badge in immediately and leave the building.  Rogers says she has no regrets and feels she did nothing wrong.

Baylor would not elaborate on its policy pertaining to autographs and would only say that the hospital “values patient privacy”.

Do you think this woman went too far and deserved to lose her job? Or did her boss go too far and blow the whole thing out of proportion?


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