Shaky Matrimonydom: Cynthia Asks Fans To Pray For Her And Peter, “He Must Be Losing His Damn Mind”

- By Bossip Staff

Yeah girl, he was trippin’ about that man cave.

Cynthia And Peter’s Marriage Possibly On The Rocks

Peter already admitted to almost chopping down other chicks. If he doesn’t get his isht together, Cynthia just might take struggle bird Kenya’s advice and divorce him.

According to Cynthia’s Bravo Blog:

Next, I attempt to talk to Peter about husband/wife stuff — finances, goals, business, and our sex life. Um, that didn’t go too well. Did he really suggest getting a man cave across town? I am just going to cough that up to early signs of dementia. Clearly, he must be losing his damn mind!

Last but not least, I have a very big problem with the way Peter communicates when he is upset. He wants to get all loud and throw around a couple of his choice curse words. I am a communicator, and this drives me crazy. I am all for a good drag out argument every now and then, but the person that talks the loudest and uses the most curse words is not necessarily the winner of the argument. Therefore, I refused to turn up on him (let’s be clear, we all can get loud and cuss when we want to), because I think it’s just a dumb way to try to have an effective conversation. Keep us in your prayers!

In the words of Usher, “it’s time to sign those papers.”

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