Dirty Dog Diaries: Peter Gunz Says He’s Done Apologizing To His Sidewives But Admits He’s Still A “Scumbag”

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Peter says he’s done saying sorry!

Peter Gunz Says He’s Done Apologizing For Cheating

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Peter Gunz is done with the acts of contrition, and the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star said he’s not offering up apologies anymore over his treatment of ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace.

“My apology tour is done,” he told ThisIs50.com. “This is my last leg of the apology tour.”

Since the season premiere of the VH1 reality show, Peter has been uttering, “I’m sorry” to Tara, wife Amina Buddafly and the show’s fans who were shocked by his behavior. Though his actions catapulted him to a level of fame the rapper’s not experienced before, he said he’s not proud to be known for “cheating” on his babymama with his wife.

“The relevancy is there, but I wouldn’t want to be relevant for the reason I’m relevant,” he said. “I’m a scumbag. You don’t want to be relevant for those reasons, but I’mma take that and run with it.”

Peter admits that he messed up, but he’s taking his cues from another higher profile husband who screwed up.

“[Bill Clinton] get caught getting his dick sucked, he said ‘sorry’ one time. He don’t address it no more. I find myself addressing it everywhere,” said Peter who doesn’t want to keep focusing on how he secretly married Amina while living with Tara.

For those who feel he should stay contrite in perpetuity, Peter doesn’t mind disappointing them, and advised they do something else with their time.

“I get on your nerves, and you hate my guts so much? Turn the f_*k!ng channel,” he said.

Peter might be done apologizing but he’s still a sorry azz dirtdog!

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