SMH: Miami Strip Club Has Biz License Revoked After 13-Year-Old Found Twerking For Cash!

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There are some sick, sick, people out here

Miami Strip Club For Employing 13-Year-Old Dancer

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The fully nude Miami Beach strip club where police say a 13-year-old girl danced for money until recently has had its business license pulled for six months while law enforcement investigates the case.

City Manager Jimmy Morales said he revoked Club Madonna’s business tax receipt and certificate of use for six months because he said the establishment poses “an actual threat to the health, welfare and safety of our community.”

“As the father of a daughter, I firmly believe that this is the right thing to do,” he said at a news conference Friday night.

The emergency order was handed to a club manager by Miami Beach police just as the venue was getting ready to open its doors Friday night. Instead, the lights on the outside marquee stayed dim and the telephone at the club rang unanswered.

Although the club’s lawyer says his client is innocent of these charges, the evidence provided by the victim suggests otherwise.

One time, AP brought a man over and D.J. agreed to have sex with the man for $80. But the girl refused to prostitute herself after that, so San Vincente arranged for D.J. to work with her at Club Madonna.

“The minor victim was never asked, nor did she ever provide the Madonna club management any identification to verify her age,” police wrote.

San Vincente “tutored” the girl on how to work the exotic club scene.

D.J.’s pimps took all the money she earned — as much as $500 in one night. Police say the girl danced at least five nights.

She knew that Jean kept an AK 47 assault rifle in a pile of clothes in his bedroom, and Ward once showed her a .40 caliber pistol and warned he would “get her” if she “got away.”

D.J. also told police that Jean and Ward dealt cocaine and had refrigerators full of marijuana.

None of the grown azz customers noticed that they were gettin’ lap dances from a high school freshman?!?

Sounds like the club manager has some ‘splainin’ to do…

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