People Ain’t Isht: Jealous Friend Attacks Woman With Acid Then Uploads Pic Calling Her Freddy Krueger

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This is just twisted!

Friend Attacks Woman With Acid Then Compares Her To Freddy Krueger

A jealous student who threw allegedly threw acid over her friend’s face changed her display picture on a social network site to Freddie Krueger days after the attack, a court heard on Tuesday.

Via HuffPo UK reports:

Mary Konye, 21, was angered because attractive victim Naomi Oni called her ‘Wrong Turn’ after the disfigured cannibals from the horror film.

She posted the Nightmare on Elmstreet picture on the WhatsApp site with the message underneath: ‘Who looks like Wrong Turn now?’

“Following the attack, the defendant updated her profile on ‘WhatsApp’ – it displayed a photograph of Freddie Krueger, the scarred-face character from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Another friend of Ms Oni and Konye said the defendant had updated her Blackberry Messenger status to “She better not mess with me or I will make her face look like this,” accompanied by a picture of Freddie Krueger.

Another friend, Omolola Vincent, who did not know Naomi, told police how Konye had asked her about the chemistry lab she studied in and when it was open and closed.

Mr Patterson continued: “The defendant also spoke about how to do it without getting caught and mentioned getting hold of and wearing Muslim clothing so that only her eyes could be seen.

“In due course the defendant said that she had managed to buy acid and said she planned to wait for Naomi near her house.’

Ms Oni had worked for Victoria’s Secret lingerie store in Westfield Stratford City and was followed home by Konye who disguised herself in a full niqab, it is alleged.

Konye is accused of attacking Ms Oni after she got off the 368 bus and was walking along Lodge Avenue, Dagenham in the early hours of 30 December 2012.


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