Love & Hip Hop: Tara Wallace Talks Spin-Off Show With “Dirty Feet Pete” & Says He Isn’t A Man-Slore

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Tracy: What did you think of Peter’s fight with Erica Mena? Was that out of character for him?
That was so out of character for him. We’ve had some serious arguments. That’s the first time I’d ever seen that look in his eyes. Even after I cut up his clothes, he was still very calm. I have to attribute that to him feeling very disrespected. Especially, since he was there to wave the white flag and the fact that she’s not receiving that. Then, there was a plate that was being thrown.

I’ve never seen him like that. Peter doesn’t have a temper at all. I dated Peter for like five or six years before we had our first argument. We never even argued.

Would you co-star in a spinoff with Peter and whoever else is in his life?
I don’t know. I would have to see where it benefits me and what I’m doing. I started doing the show because I thought it was to benefit him and to help him. In the beginning, I loved doing the show. I love getting my makeup done and that kind of stuff. I would just have to see and know the angles. I would never go into it blindly again like I did this time. At the end of the day, Peter and I have children. We will always be in each other’s lives and nothing can be done about that. We just have to find a way to exist, be functional, be friends, for the sake of our children.

Would you watch a spin-off show featuring these two…..and most likely Amina?


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