Where Is D Wade??? Gabrielle Union Tells Men To Throw Away Their Condoms So Hoes Won’t Keep The Sperm!

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Wait a damn minute!

Gabrielle Union Encourages Men To Throw Away Their Rubbers

Via UB Magazine reports:

Gabrielle Union’s show on BET “Being Mary Jane” is a certified hit if the ratings are any indication, but her personal life may be just as scandalous as the show.

The actress is still dealing with the fact that her husband to be Dwyane Wade fathered a child outside of their relationship, but she’s staying tight lipped about the situation while doing press rounds for the show.

In a recent interview with Coco Fab, she says some pretty interesting things about the show and gives some rather frank advice to men as well.

When asked if viewers will ever find out what Mary Jane did with that frozen sperm she collected from a lover in the movie pilot, Gabrielle says:

“You will find out.The sperm becomes a character that you will see throughout the show and you will find out what happens to the sperm. So, throw away your own condoms fellas. Throw away your own condoms [looks at camera and makes a face].”

Gabby admits her character Mary Jane just can’t get it right when it comes to men:

“She can’t get it right, she’s on a case of can’t get it right. God bless her. She tries, she wants the world to think she has it all and she’s super together and she just makes a lot of bad decisions. Within one episode, you’re going to laugh with her, cry with her, you’re going to cuss her out, you’re going to hate her and then you’ll be like, ‘Girl, can you just get right?’”

Gabby probably should have told Wade to actually wear a rubber when he was smashing his baby mama to smithereens. Bloop!


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