Tyrese Talks to Will Smith, Quits Music for Film

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Posted by Bossip Staff

After chatting it up with Willard, Tyrese has decided to “stick to the script” and be done with the quite fickle music industry:

TYRESE GIBSON is turning his back on his music career to focus on Hollywood – after a heart-to-heart with rapper-turned-actor WILL SMITH.
The Transformers hunk had success in singing and modelling before hitting the big screen, but he’s now looking to establish himself as a Hollywood A-lister after taking advice from superstar Smith.
And the talk has not only given Gibson a new perspective on his future career – he has a new leaner physique too.
He says, “I had one of the heaviest and deepest conversations with Will Smith and he said to me, ‘Tyrese, you are 29 years old, and I just turned 40… If you take this acting thing serious for the next three years it’s gonna change your life forever.’ So I shut down everything on the music side and I lost about forty six pounds training with Will Smith and his trainer Darrel Forster, and it’s just pure film focus now man.
“Everyone in music is trying to transition into Hollywood. I figure I’m here with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg and all the other A-listers, I can’t take the situation for granted anymore, and keep doing movies and music and music and movies… going back and forth. So I just cleared out everything that’s got to do with music. I’ll totally focus on acting and see how far this takes me.”

We guess music can kiss his black ass goodbye.

More pics below.


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  • Christilicious

    OMG, look at the fashion…class, clean…. what’s his name (Mr host of the show from Gs to Gents) need learn from that…cuz what he calls fashion is just plain disgustiing…
    Way to go Will and Tyrese.

  • Sickofitt!

    @Christilicious so true, they both are dressed to the T.

  • Shar

    Hey, is Willard wearing a cod piece or is he just pleased to see Tyrese?

  • bronzedasian

    i think Black Ty is a great actor. And both men look great!

  • She 4 real

    Who the F cares?

  • soulwoman

    Um, this is old news. He said this over a year ago.

  • pm

    I don’t blame him movie money is paid upfront.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    why puff gotta have on that bright ass red leather jacket????!!!!!! WAY TO GO PUFF – nobody will miss ur beaver ass in the crowd.

  • Southern L.A. Gal

    @She 4 real

    Who the F cares?
    So true. I don’t give a damn how they dress, the money, shit they have….

  • Christie's secrets

    man, that picture of tyrese shirtless almost got me dizzy! damn baby…. he is so fine!
    i love will smith too, i would def go for a threesome with them two masculine creatures!

  • This I Know

    Instead of focusing on his “film career,” maybe he should spend more time focusing on his family life…I’m just saying…

  • http://angerischange.blogspot.com anger=change

    Christie’s secrets

    man, that picture of tyrese shirtless almost got me dizzy! damn baby…. he is so fine!
    i love will smith too, i would def go for a threesome with them two masculine creatures!


    Girl what?? The thangs I would do to that man…

  • deafjam04

    That’s great! Tyrese is a damn good actor and I could easily see him crossing over to film for good. Good for Tyrese.

  • This I Know

    Did Tyrese talk to Will about how to be a better father?

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    […] Tyrese and Will Smith teaming up for a movie? Bossip […]

  • joyce

    LOL, yall harsh! Will is right, however. He could have a future as a black heartthrob in Hollywood is he focuses on that and picks good scripts and directors to work with. And yeah, he needs to fix his situation at home, too.




  • chaka1

    I had to save that shirtless picture…

    *fanning myself*

  • chaka1

    I like that bulge in Will’s pants too. Yummy!

  • TheGoodGood

    I’m just glad to hear he lost some weight.. he needs to get back in shape like before.. he’s starting to look sloppy

  • TheGoodGood

    I also have to say Tyrese seems like a shady individual.. hes always hiding his life and very fishy behaviour with women.

    He spends too much money for someone with not much coming in and can’t even take care of his kids..

    Will Smith doesn’t have that baggage.. he’ll need to clean up his personal life too before thinking he can be a superstar.

  • i dont care

    what 46 pounds did he have to lose? dude has always had a great body. and although i’m one of the few and faithful to his music, i wish him luck in acting (stop taking thug roles is move #1). i’ll miss his vocals tho

  • Jersey Girl

    What music career?

  • Nih(Fellow Houstonian)

    DAMN THEY LOOK SO GOOD IN THOSE SUITS!!!! They just made me have some NASTY, NASTY thoughts LOL!!!!!!!

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    And this is news because?

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