Shots Fired! Chuck “Teeny Weiner” Smith Says Phaedra Ain’t Isht But An “Ugly Duckling”

- By Bossip Staff

This guy just keeps digging a bigger hole for himself.

Chuck Smith Calls Phaedra An Ugly Duckling

Hey, Chuck, pull your pants up, your hypocrisy is showing!

According to Gossip Extra:

Retired NFL star Chuck Smith, a football consultant to several Miami Dolphins linemen, has been assailed on social media for his recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Gossip Extra chatted exclusively with the 44-year-old Smith, and we asked him what he was thinking.

“I should have talked about them (Phaedra and Kandi) in a different way,” Smith said. “And I should’ve given my wife a little more information about them. It’s just unfortunate I got caught in this situation.”

“Why is what I did at 27 that important,” he told me. “It should be about what I do now, teaching the art of the pass rush and how to be a good NFL rookie.

“I’ve been surprised at all these attacks, which are more directed at my wife than me.”

Smith says he hooked up with Kandi because “she was nice” and “her momma cooked good food.”

“But we were in a lifestyle of entertainment,” Smith said. “I had four girls in every corner of the stadium.”

How about sexy attorney Phaedra?

“Phaedra was just the ugly duckling from the sixth grade,” he said. “It’s unfortunate she got caught up in this.”

Now, now, Chuck, don’t kick dirt on your old work. At one point, they were your favorite girls.


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