Suspect: Mass. Police Dept. Claims Cop Didn’t Post Racist Facebook Rant About D Wade’s B’day Yacht Party Saying “Every White Girl On That Boat Should Be Ashamed!”

- By Bossip Staff

Siovaughn, is that you? This is super sus… We received a ton of tips this week about a Raynham police officer named Jennifer Pohl, who allegedly posted a racist Facebook rant in response to an article about Dwyane Wade’s lavish birthday party.

The rant, which was later deleted (screen cap above) read:

Every white girl on that boat should be ashamed of themselves …. Stupid money hungry slores. These gusy are a bunch of dumb black thugs who are lucky they can shoot a basketball, if not for that they would either be dead or in prison….. pathetic.

The American society is brain dead… these clowns have so much money they have parties on yachts, ugly a$$ sneakers, matching Michael Jackson looking jackets, in short WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, while the real heroes, teachers, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, military, among several other struggle to life life, lose homes to foreclosures, can’t afford the heating bill in the winter, cant afford to fill their gas tanks all the way to full, yet these idiots act like this. All while the average American family with 2 kids cant afford to go to a game…… PATHETIC

Pretty bad right? The post was later deleted but it was already too late. The public was enraged, demanding that Pohl be fired. Now the police department is claiming that an investigation into the post has discovered she wasn’t responsible for it, that someone in her household was simply playing a prank on her.

According to Wicked Local reports:

Raynham police are considering taking out charges against the person who allegedly posted a racist rant on a female officer’s personal Facebook page, Raynham Police Chief James Donovan said.

“Someone in her house accessed her computer and posted that unbeknownst to her,” Donovan said Monday night.

Donovan said he became aware of the Facebook post when an anonymous emailer sent him a screenshot of it Monday evening.

The same screenshot was sent to the Raynham Call.

He immediately launched an investigation and the officer in question was “very cooperative,” he said.

Donovan said a member of her household admitted to police to having posted the comments on the officer’s Facebook page.
It appears the suspect, whom Donovan declined to identify, was not trying to get the officer in trouble but instead acted extremely “foolishly.”

The alleged post is a comment on a link to a story about NBA player Dwyane Wade, whose lavish birthday party on a yacht has received a lot of media attention.

Donovan said the suspect will likely be charged with “unauthorized access to a computer system,” a misdemeanor which carries a penalty of not more than 30 days in jail or a fine of not more than $1,000 or both.

Sounds like a good way to get out of admitting you have a racist on the force — but we guess it’s plausible. Do you think the police are protecting one of their own or is Pohl the victim of a really tasteless prank?


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